The Price of Amazon Prime Is Set To Be Increased Across UK and Europe

The price of amazon prime is set to be increased across the UK and Europe come September. The fees for amazon prime membership will spike up to 43%.

The Price of Amazon Prime Is Set To Be Increased Across UK and Europe

The Price of Amazon Prime Is Set To Be Increased Across UK and Europe

Amazon’s prime day streaming and delivery services are something that is considered by many people including households as essential. The service usually ensures the next-day delivery of last-minute birthday presents while it also offers access to popular TV shows such as Good Omens. The service however comes at a cost which is set to see an increase for Prime members in the UK and Europe in September.

Amazon customers all woke up to an email from Amazon notifying them that the prices for prime membership were increasing up to 43% on Tuesday. The company singled out ‘increased inflation and operating costs as the main reasons for the price hike.

The Content of Amazon’s Email to Its Customers in Regards to the Price Hike

“This is the first time we have changed the price of Prime in the UK since 2014,” Amazon said in its email to its customers in the UK. “During this time, we have significantly increased the number of products available with unlimited, fast Prime delivery; added and expanded ultra-fast fresh grocery delivery; and added more high-quality digital entertainment, including TV, movies, music, games, and books.”

How Much Will Amazon Prime Now Cost

The monthly prices will increase by £1, from £8 to £9 monthly in the UK. Or if you pay yearly, the price will increase from £79 to £95. This will lead to a 30% increase in its price. Customers in Italy, Spain, and France on the other hand are facing hikes in prices of up to 43%.

The Reason for the Hike in Price

The decision from the eCommerce company to hike its prime fees is coming at a time that seems to be very tough for a lot of people who are at the moment feeling the financial effect due of the rising cost of living crisis. This development will follow suit with a similar hike in price for customers of Netflix in the UK back in March which is the second in 18 months.

Expert Suggestion to Amazon Prime Subscribers

Consumer champion Martin Lewis who is the founder of in a TikTok video suggested that customers of prime who subscribe to the service on a monthly basis switch now to an annual payment system just before the deadline date set for September 15 in order to benefit on the lower price for the coming year and in the process forestalling the proposed rise.

Martin also recommended that annual subscribers and members whose membership would renew just after September 15 should at the moment cancel their membership and begin a new membership before the date when prices are set to increase and again forestalling the costly payment for the coming year.


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