The Netflix Audio Book – How to Turn Your Movies into Netflix Audio Book

Have you heard about the Netflix audio book? The key to the growth of the audiobook market has been greater awareness and an increase in new adopters. However, the general perception of audiobooks as is emphasized in their marketing is that they facilitate the consumption of books whilst multi-tasking, e.g. doing housework or commuting.

The Netflix Audio Book

I believe it’s time to start changing this perception and learn to start accepting audiobooks. This approach has served the industry well at bringing in new customers. However, return on investment is often many times higher when you channel spending into retaining and exploiting your existing customer base, rather than focusing on growth.

The Netflix Audio Book

For you to turn on the Netflix audio book is quite easy, all you need to do is read down to get more details about the Netflix audio book. Entertainment giants Netflix and HBO dominate the competition for consumers’ free time by delivering dramatized content with the highest production values.

‘Audio drama’ is the audio publishing world’s equivalent: fully dramatized productions with a full cast of actors, sound effects, and music, all at a fraction of the production cost of film and TV.

How to Turn Your Movies into Netflix Audio Book

Below are the steps are taken to turn your Netflix audio and movies into an audiobook;

  • First off open your Netflix app
  • Then sign up if you don’t have an account with Netflix otherwise log in at Netflix.
  • Choose a video (movie or TV show) that you would love to listen to as an audio book
  • Get to your play settings while watching you are now able to change the audio and subtitles to suit you. Although the original content with the original audio is oftentimes referred to the dubbed audio.
  • Click on the audio description and choose your preferred language that also supports the audio description. This will automatically convert the video into an audio book. Worry not as most of the videos supports this feature.

Free Audiobooks for Everyone

Who does not like a freebie? The fact and truth still remain that free is more fun. So get to take your pick of free audiobooks that will fill your ears with delight. Below are some of the sites you can find audiobooks online;

  • Project Gutenberg

  • Spotify

  • Storynory

  • SYNC

  • Learn Out Loud

  • Free Classic Audiobooks

  • Digital Book

  • Librivox

  • Lit2Go

  • Loyal Books

  • Mind Webs

  • Open Culture

  • Libby by Overdrive

  • Podiobooks


Is a non-profit initiative to record public domain books and release them as free audiobooks. The site boasts over10,000 projects, with a diverse set of titles ranging from War and Peace to Leaves of Grass to The Dream of the Red Chamber to Anne of Green Gables.

  • You can even volunteer to read sections for books-in-progress!


Offers audiobooks, plays, short stories, and poems that have been tailored for use in classrooms. Along with each free audiobook, you’ll get citation information, playtime, and word count. Some, like Shakespeare’s Hamlethave an accompanying PDF that can be used to read along with the text.

Loyal Books

Shares free audiobooks from titles in the public domain. You’ll find options like John Milton’s Paradise Lost and Sir Author Conan Doyle’s The Return of Sherlock Holmesamong others.

Mind Webs

this was a perfectly executed, haunting old-time radio dramatization of over 150 of the most classic science fiction short stories.

You’ll find free science fiction stories from Ursula K. Le Guin, Kurt Vonnegut, and G. Wells, among others. You can get more details here.

This ability to make the listener feel present in, and intimately surrounded by, the story can be far more affecting than television when considering the disconnect one experiences watching a distant screen. So if you ask me the Netflix audio book is good development. You can get more details about the Netflix audio book here.


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