The Best Christmas Gifts you Should Get this December – The Four Gift Rule

Do you need some ideas on the best Christmas gifts to buy this December? have you heard of the four gift rule? The Christmas holidays are seen as the peak holiday of the year all over the world, this is not just because of the purpose of celebration but because it covers (is very close to) the new year.

The Four Gift Rule
The Four Gift Rule

Contrary to what you may think, I am not going to be making recommendations of gifts you should buy this December, rather, I‘ll be giving you a simple guide to how you should choose your gifts;

The Four Gift Rule

You do not have to be confused anymore when thinking of what you should purchase for your loved ones. The rule narrows your giving choice to fulfilling the following parameters:

  • Something they want
  • Something they need
  • Something to wear
  • Something to read


This may not necessarily be a big item, but it includes the things your children or loved ones really want. This is often some sort of toy or plaything. This could include things like outdoor toys, electronics, classic wooden toys, or even some sort of adventure gift; perhaps it’s a craft kit, a construction set, or that special soft toy.


This includes things they truly need—things that matter. For kids, it should include what will relate to their learning or new life stage (starting a new school or graduating into a new session).

For kids, perfect examples could be a new lunchbox, sunglasses, or something for their room. A new set of clutches to replace the old ones for disabled people; a new inspirational book you’ve always wanted your teenage son or daughter to read.


Taking a kid’s sense of style into consideration will be a very good idea here. This includes taking into account any sensory issues, such as making an extra effort to find a soft, high-quality children’s garment.And if you take the time to pick something that is uniquely them (not the same as everyone else), you can guarantee they’ll wear it until it falls off.

For your spouse, a new pair of suits could be a need, and you can satisfy that need to make him happy.


This gives us a chance to choose titles and books that speak to their interests and reading level. We can think outside the box and not worry about making sure they’re getting traditional reading materials. What about some classic literature, something inspirational, a cookbook, or something really fun?

Although, it is clearly named the four gift rule. There is one final important rule often included.

The Fifth Gift Rule

The fifth rule is the real winner; it brings the receiver so much joy, they won‘t even know how to express it. It’s something they want or need but don‘t know. It’s that X-Factor gift that just blows them away—that surprises them entirely and fills a void so perfectly that you get tears of joy.

To know this type of gift, you must really listen to your kids, watch them live, and understand what their true passions are. Find what truly makes them happy instead of buying them the hot toy of the season.

You do not need to be confused about what to buy for your kids or loved ones; picking one from the list above will never disappoint. I suggest you consider the fifth rule if you truly want the happiness of the receiver to be beyond the roof.

Benefits of the four gift rule

Some major benefits of the four gift rule are;

  • It brings less chaos, clearer expectations, and less disappointment for our family.
  • Kids can be happier even with fewer gifts.
  • We can gift them with things that can help them focus, grow, learn, and enjoy.
  • It teaches our kids thankfulness.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Will the 4 Gift Rule Work?

Of course it will; if you really know the person very well, you should know the best gift that will be beneficial to him or her. Covering all these categories will definitely make them happy.

Do You Still Need a Gift Budget?

Of course, you need a budget for Christmas gifts. With a budget, you will not run out of money easily, you will not leave anybody out, and you will have some money left after shopping.

How Many Gifts do you Give Someone for Christmas?

Of course you want to have lots of gifts for particular person during the holidays, it is advisable to give a maximum of three gifts for the sake of your budget.




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