The Fastest Shoes in the World Promises to Get Users Walking As Quickly As They Run

The fastest shoes in the world promises to get users walking as quickly as they run. This is coming as the inventors of the Moonwalkers say that you will be getting a 250% speed boost with their product.

The Fastest Shoes in the World Promises to Get Users Walking As Quickly As They Run

The Fastest Shoes in the World Promises to Get Users Walking As Quickly As They Run

I really do love walking, but it has its own drawbacks in the event that I am in a hurry. Pittsburgh startup known as Shift Robotics thinks it has a solution to the pesky slowness of walking and it is powered, wheeled smart shoes known as Moonwalkers that promise a 250% increase in the speed of your walking.

At first look, you might think they’re some form of weird roller skates, but the company insists that they are a new product and thus deserve to be called “the world’s fastest shoes.” The shoes strap directly onto your regular footwear just like fancy sandals. And each shoe sports a hinged design that is meant to enable a normal walking motion while eight-powered wheels the other hand move you forward faster than you could go on your own naturally.

Moonwalkers in Action Make the Shoes Look Like Similar To Sci-Fi Creations

Moonwalkers in action make the shoes look like something similar to sci-fi creations. And as you should know, they have a top speed of 7 mph (11 kph), an average range of 6.5 miles (10.5 kilometers), and lastly, a weight of 4.2 pounds (2 kilograms).

Shift Is Funding Moonwalkers on Kickstarter

Shift is funding Moonwalkers on Kickstarter, so the usual caveats do apply here. And just as you should have guessed not all crowdfunding projects deliver on time and as expected. The shoes cost a lot more than your regular standard kicks. The super early adopter price level for the product is $1,099 (£960, AU$1,720). Kickstarter already has attracted more than $200,000, and in the process putting it well over its initial $90,000 goal.

The shoes are equipped with products and software that are meant to adapt to your movements. An electronic brake locks out the wheels when needed, such as when you are going upstairs. The brake however is triggered by specific movements of the right foot. An instructional video that was shared walks new Moonwalkers through getting started.

There Are Lots of Options for Commuters When It Comes To Powered Devices

Commuters at the moment have tons of options for powered devices ranging from skateboards to scooters. And if you are into unusual modes of foot-related transportation, Segway’s Drift W1 electric skates also fit well into the bill. Moonwalkers on the other hand might be an attractive alternative for their small size as well as their portability. There is also a dorky-cool factor in how they look and move. Will they revolutionize walking, with these new products? Well, that remains to be seen.


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