The End for DSLRs And The Rise of The Mirrorless Camera

The end for DSLRs and the rise of the mirrorless camera – Is this the end for the DSLR cameras? The camera that once symbolizes the whole idea of professional digital photography now seems to be living on past glory as it is being shelved by the all-new mirrorless cameras.

The End for DSLRs And The Rise of The Mirrorless Camera

The End for DSLRs And The Rise of The Mirrorless Camera

The digital DSLR and its predecessor, the single-lens reflex camera, have been the emblem behind serious photography from the 1960s to the 21st century no doubt. But with the introduction of the more sophisticated mirrorless cameras, their 50-year reign seems to be coming to an abrupt end. Mirrorless cameras are now pushing aside cameras with mirrors and pentaprisms.

The question on the lips of everyone right now with the latest development is, now what? I mean what next? Stephen Shankland a senior reporter at CNET and a longtime photographer has got the answer to the question above. In his own words, “you get a lot more computer brains in a mirrorless camera. You have all the light information going to the image sensor all the time, and one of the big things you can do is a lot better autofocus.”

Normally, DSLRs only send the lens image to the sensor when the shutter button is pressed, and in the process slimming the time the sensor will have to adapt to and capture the image. This is more like a derivation of film camera design or something really close in the case of mirrorless cameras.

Just recently, Sony ceased the production of DSLRs and instead favoring mirrorless cameras. Other companies like cannon and Nikon on the other hand have yet to make the decision favoring mirrorless cameras. Instead, these companies are making their mirrorless cameras such as the canon R5 and R6, and the Nikon Z series new priorities while keeping their DSLRs also.

In terms of compatibility, mirrorless cameras are top but they often require new lenses or adapters if you wish to keep your DSLR lenses and in the process compassing any weight n size improvements.

According to data from japans camera and imaging products association, interchangeable lens cameras which is a category that includes mirrorless cameras and DSLRs haven’t fallen out of favor in the market either. Statistics even show that mirrorless cameras and DSLRs are the preferred choices of video producers.

And even with that being said, DSLRs seem to be on the exit. Although Shackland seems to be quite sure that the exit will be a slow process as the technology behind DSLRs still has a lot to offer in terms of image quality, choice of lens, and those persons who have invested in gears.


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