The CDC Advises Against Cruise Ship Travels amid Rising COVID-19 Cases

The CDC advises against cruise ship travels amid rising COVID-19 cases. The center for disease control recently issued a stern warning for ship travelers.

The CDC Advises Against Cruise Ship Travels amid Rising COVID-19 Cases

The CDC Advises Against Cruise Ship Travels amid Rising COVID-19 Cases

As the cases for omicron continues to rise, various travel restrictions in relation to COVID-19 are becoming tighter and more serious. All over the world tons of flights have been canceled since the holidays began in December and in the process leaving airlines and travelers stranded.

Persons looking forward to keeping up with their cruise trip plans may need to abandon them as the CDC has just issued a strict warning for all travelers amid the recent outbreak of COVID-19 on various cruise ships.

CDC Updates Its Advisory for Cruise Travels

On the 3rd of December, the CDC updated its advisory in regards to travel health for cruises and also raised the threat level from a three to four which is its highest as it indicates a “very high level” of COVID-19. The warning from the agency cites to avoid cruise travels regardless of your vaccination status. The agency also noted that the change was put in place to reflect the continuing and increased risk of contracting the omicron variant of the coronavirus.

The CDCs Advice To Travelers

The center for disease control has previously advised those traveling to get fully vaccinated and to also receive a test within one to three days before cruise travel. The agency also added that social distancing and mask guidelines should continue to be enforced for all passengers on board. Carnival also relaunched its sailing itineraries early this year for crew members and passengers that are vaccinated fully only and this is including kids between the ages of 5-11.

88 Cruise Ships under Investigation by the CDC

The agency has 88 cruise ships under investigation for new COVID-19 cases as of Wednesday and this includes vessels from Carnival, Walt Disney, Viking, Norwegian, and Royal Caribbean cruise lines. Various carnival ships last week were denied access and permission to enter or leave their foreign destinations.

Royal Caribbean on the other hand experienced more cancellations than usual and a decrease in bookings as indicated by Reuters.


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