The Best Podcast for Women – Women Podcasts You Would Love 2022

The Best Podcast for Women, from (mostly) women, feels like a combination of a spa day, a college course, and a religious service. They’re a new way of getting your daily dose of feminist ideas challenging your assumptions, exposing you to new voices, and feeding your soul.

The Best Podcast for Women

American women in the 1960s nourished their emerging feminism by going to consciousness-raising group meetings where they could overcome the isolation of being housewives and see that the problems of life under the patriarchy were shared.

They multiplied their power by exchanging ideas, realizing that being alone and angry can be devastating, but being angry as a group can be catalyzing. The intimacy of women simply taking turns talking and listening helped create what eventually became a giant bullhorn, demanding equality.

The Best Podcast for Women

The best podcasts on women are meant to help and encourage women that they can come out strong from whatever situation they are going through. You really don’t need to go pay for the service of a coach as your favorite feminist podcasts right now; you can have a woman whispering in your ear all the time.

Feminist podcasts offer a quiet place for women and allies to gather and speak, exchange ideas, and build a vast network of relationships. Lend your ear to these podcasts, and you’ll find yourself in some great conversations with spectacular women.

Women Podcasts You Would Love 2022

Below are some honorable picks of podcasts for women that will enlighten and motivate you this 2022;

Encyclopedia Womannica; If your idea of “powerful women from history” stops after RBG and Beyoncé, subscribe to Encyclopedia Womannica. It’s a mini-biography of a fascinating woman every day, at around seven minutes each. You could have three new feminist heroes in the time it takes to go on a coffee run.

Our Body Politic; Journalist Farai Chideya interviews a Hispanic businesswoman about why she’s a Republican, talks to a woman epidemiologist about why the COVID vaccine rollout got off to such a slow start, asks listeners how their lives have changed during the pandemic, reviews new movies, analyzes comments from Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Marjorie Taylor Green, and more. And that’s one episode.

Our Body Politic covers issues affecting U.S. women of color, from the perspective of U.S. women of color, in a super-smart way. It manages to be both a political and cultural cheat sheet and extremely listenable.

More Women Podcasts You Would Love 2022

What I Wore when; Of course, we have to hype our brilliant podcast What I Wore When hosted by Glamour’s own Perrie Samotin. She interviews every celeb you love about the outfit they wore on a life-changing day what Natasha Bedingfield wore when she wrote “Unwritten.” What did Zoey Deutch wear to her bat mitzvah? What Jameela Jamil wore to her first day of work on A Good Place. Come for the outfit descriptions, stay for the gossip and bonding.

Side Hustle Pro; can you transform your candle business or tutoring company or nail-art obsession into an actual source of income? Sure, entrepreneurs talk about doing that all the time, throwing around buzzwords and success stories, but how can you learn how they actually did it? Side Hustle Pro host Nicaila Matthews Okome breaks down, episode by episode, how Black women entrepreneurs turned their side hustles into their business. It’s chatty, friendly, and motivating.  You can get more details about these podcasts here.

It’s so amazing how the world is quickly adapting to podcasts of recent. Don’t be left out get on the boat and check out some of these amazing podcasts to listen from. to get more details on the podcasts for women kindly click here for more details. That’s it for this article The Best Podcast for Women.

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