The 2021 OLED R Rollable TV is Now Open for Orders – OLED R Rollable – 2021 OLED R Features

If you have been waiting to purchase the 2021 OLED R Rollable TV, well you can do that now because it is now open for orders. Recently, the report surfaced that LG Electronics has started taking orders secretly from wealthy people for their most expected TV that they have ever produced which is the 2021 OLED R.

The 2021 OLED R Rollable TV is Now Open for Orders

The 2021 OLED R Rollable TV is Now Open for Orders

This TV is coming with a screen that is flexible enough to be rolled and stored when not in use. As stated by reports, LG is currently taking orders from their customers around the world, the United States Included.

OLED R Rollable TV Price

Ever since Last Year, OLED R has available in South Korea for the price of $100,000 range. At that particular price, it is obvious that only the wealthiest buyers would purchase this TV. Other costs are yet to be stated. Specifically, some sort of installation would be required for you to roll-up the screen of the television.

2021 OLED R Features

As expected, the price tag states that only a few televisions have been sold. There are three available viewing options made available, including the full View, Line View, and Zero View options depending on the needs of the users. The TV comes with Voice commands and it can be connected to a smart home network. It supports voice assistance which includes Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.

The 2021 OLED R television possesses supports AirPlay 2 and Home kit. One of the most interesting aspects of the line view option is that the TV can be unrolled partially to support applications that do not require the full TV screen. The features that support that option include the clock mode and weather mode. The Frame Mode can display Photos from your smartphones, and Mood mode would create a much relaxing environment for you to listen to music.

Zero view mode rolls the screen down completely into the supplied base. In that particular mode, the TV still gets to play music and other audio content making use of an internal multi-channel audio system that supports Dolby Atmos technology.

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