Teramind Employee Monitoring | Benefits of Employee Monitoring

Using activity employee monitoring involves (Teramind Employee Monitoring) the process of tracking all user activity and behavior while they are logged into a computer of the endpoint. By integrating a user monitoring solution into their operations.

Teramind Employee Monitoring

Teramind Employee Monitoring

Employee monitoring software, also known as user activity monitoring (UAM) software is used to monitor employee computer activity to identify and stop insider threats, for employee training, to review employee performance, and to monitor productivity.

However, the user monitoring and tracking functionality, Staff Cop also covers intelligent behavior-based analysis to provide actionable insight and automated responses to employee-generated threats.

Teramind Employee Monitoring

Employee productivity measurement, risk analysis, and prevention of unauthorized data exfiltration are other benefits of the Staff Cop solution. The monitoring can capture violation incidents as forensic evidence and take action to alert appropriate authorities, thanks to its rules and policies.

An employee monitoring software tracks all user activity for apps, websites, emails, networks, etc. while at work.

Benefits of Employee Monitoring

Increase Employee Productivity

How much attention do your employees offer to their work? The distraction is an issue even when your employees are using employee productivity tracking software. Sometimes, too many so-called productivity tools can be a problem too.

With good employee monitoring software, these can easily be fixed. However, you have to make sure the employee computer monitoring software can track an employee’s work throughout the day.

The PC monitoring software then aggregates that data to produce detailed metrics, such as:

  • A breakdown of how many hours each day were spent on work-related vs. non-work-related tasks.
  • Identify and limit the use of websites, social media, and applications less productive by department and team.
  • Minute-to-minute trend graphs show how much time is spent on specific projects.

Increasing Employment Engagement

Engaged employees are a healthy, productive workforce. Fulfilled and productive employees are what essentially stimulate the progress of a company. Businesses with engaged employees outperform those without by 202%.

With high-quality PC monitoring software, you can then develop all sorts of KPIs and metrics to measure employee engagement:

  • How many hours are your employees active?
  • Maybe they’re spending too much time in meetings?
  • Getting buried under emails?

You can track employee performance over time and see if they are on a decreasing trend.

Identify Process Gaps

In management, gap analysis involves the comparison of actual performance with potential or desired performance.

With an employee computer monitoring system and the right features, HR managers can conduct gap analysis and process improvement at individual and team levels.

Detect Insider Threats

An insider is someone who has access to an organization’s internal information and resources. These can be employees, partners, third-party vendors, contractors, etc. They pose a threat when they intentionally or accidentally put the organization in harm’s way by leaking sensitive data, sabotage, fraud, theft, or other misuses of their access privilege.

How to Address Employee Monitoring Challenges

The ways of using employee monitoring software and also how to address them are easy. Just click on the link and see in detail how it works.

The following are ways to address employee monitoring challenges.

  • Potential Legal issues
  • Employee privacy concerns
  • Risk of negative employee morale

How to Get Started with Teramind Employee Monitoring Software

The following are ways how to make use of employee monitoring software:

  • Open an account for a Teramind cloud or on-premise trial free
  • Click here to sign up and follow-on screen
  • After you create your account, install the agents on the machines you wish to monitor
  • Then the next thing is to customize settings like pre-defined rules for your use-case
  • Finish, start using the dashboard to secure your domain and gain insight into users’ activities.

How to Monitor Employee Computer Activity

Using employee monitoring software from Teramind, all user activity can be monitored and recorded in real-time. Action can be seen via live view or playback history, which includes everything done on desktops, servers, thin clients, and remote networks.

Smart rules and automated alerts can be utilized to notify you of user violations instantaneously and take a variety of actions such as block the action, block the user, lock the user out, request management authorization, etc.

Is Teramind Employee Monitoring Legal?

Teramind is fully customizable with respect to its monitoring and recording features to abide by any legal, ethical, or regulatory restrictions.

In most jurisdictions, employee monitoring is legal with no restrictions. However, there may be restrictions on what employee activities you monitor or record.

You can consult your legal counsel to make sure you are implementing employee monitoring software.


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