iKey – All you Need to Know About iKey Peripherals

iKey is an Austin, Texas-based manufacturer of rugged computer keyboards, mice, and other peripherals. they were formerly known as Texas industry peripherals. The company was founded in 1989 and presently works with several fortune 500 companies.


It is a business that is operated by a family-owned that has perfected the design and manufacture of premium quality keyboards over the past 32 years.

They offer excellent, personal customer service and their ship dates are fast standard products often ship within 2 to 7 business days from the date of order.

After the company build a stellar reputation for service and quality with its core industrial customers, ikey expanded into other markets which include logistics, medical, military, public safety, energy & utilities, fleet, kiosk, and mobile.

iKey industrial keyboards are built to order and can be expedited or customized according to special requests. The company products are sold in over one hundred countries, either directly by iKey or through distributors, resellers, system integrators, and others.

The keyboard is built-in seventeen different language layouts which include American English, Arabic, French, Canadian, and many more.

iKey Products

the following are iKey products:

  • Monitors
  • Keyboards
  • Pointing devices
  • Products by industry

The keyboards are in either stainless steel or ABS polycarbonate cases, most of which have silicon keypads. The devices are either wireless or connected through USB or PS2 cables.

The company also manufactures custom products for industries, medical, and public safety customers. common options for custom projects include metal keys, backlighting, and variable key layouts.

Why choose iKey?

The company was chosen because of its constant development of cutting-edge products that permit customers to maximize productivity with present technology.

They also offer real customized solutions and value is what they provide. The Advantage includes:

  • The Live support – Talk to a real person. Clients never get a recording or automatic system when calling iKey.
  • Tradition built for you – Each iKey product is hand-built and hand-tested in our Austin facilities the same day it ships
  • Dependable and fast shipping – We can usually ship the standard products within a week of the order date
  • Decrease downtime – Reliable waterproof and non-corrosive designs that will last up to 10 years in harsh settings
  • Customization is key – With over 3,500 SKUs, there’s a good chance iKey has a product for any need
  • From A to Z – 25 readily available language layouts to accommodate international customers
  • Hot or cold – The ability to withstand extreme temperatures that permits function in freezers, heat-sensitive areas, and other severe environments

iKey Built to Order

the company keyboard is built to order, and it can be accelerated or modified according to special requests. After it is built, they are to place through a hard series of quality control tests, receiving hand tasted approval at three separate stations before shipment.

Line of Rugged Peripherals

The following are lines of rugged peripherals.

Desktop Keyboards

This extensive line of rugged keyboards includes many case options including stainless steel, conductive plastic, polycarbonate, and Epoxy. The desktop is designed for a wonderful performance in harsh environments, the company line of desktop keyboards is NEMA-rated and expertly engineered.

The desktop keyboard can easily house specific environmental needs. these fully sealed keyboards are ideal for use in extreme fevers, and wet or dusty locations.

Rugged Keyboards

These rugged keyboards are products that are waterproof and are resistant to dirt and debris. It is built specifically to use in harsh and unforgiving environments.

This product ranges from backlit, stainless steel, low to zero-emission keyboards for hazardous areas to fully submersible products used in hospitals.

Panel Mount Keyboards

The iKey panel mount line performs flawlessly in harsh environments. These products can be washed down without being unplugged, eliminating downtime needed for cleaning.

The feature for iKey Mount is fully sealed keypads and pointing devices, backlit models, small footprint, and low emissions models that are backed by iKey track record of high-quality products.

How to Contact iKey

you can reach them through their contact or by Quick Quote

you can visit their website for more information www.iKey.com


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