Telsa’s Self-Driving Video Was Staged According To Reports

Telsa’s self-driving video was staged according to reports as an engineer from the company has just testified to this. The Telsa engineer revealed that the car actually could not accelerate at green lights on its own as it reportedly seemed in a video, according to Reuters.

Telsa's Self-Driving Video Was Staged According To Reports

Telsa’s Self-Driving Video Was Staged According To Reports

A video which was released by Telsa back in 2016 that showed the self-driving technology of the car-maker in use on the road, actually was staged according to testimony from a senior engineer at Telsa as reported on Wednesday by Reuters.

The video in question states that the “car is driving itself,” but the director of Autopilot software at Telsa, Ashok Elluswamy, said in reality, the car was driving is a route that has been predetermined and actually could not do things such as topping as a red light all by itself. The comments from Elluswamy came during a deposition in July for a lawsuit against Telsa after a fatal crash involving autopilot back in 2018.

Director of Autopilot Software at Telsa’s Testimony

Elluswamy stated that the request for a promotional video was a “demonstration for the system’s capabilities” was made by CEO, Elon Musk, who then later tweeted the video according to Reuters.

“The intent of the video was not to accurately portray what was available for customers in 2016. It was to portray what was possible to build into the system,” Elluswamy said as per a transcript of his testimony which was reviewed by Reuters.

The testimony of Elluswamy is reportedly the first time that an employee of Telsa has confirmed and also explained just how the company made the video. The New York Times prior to this have reported that the car’s route have been charted ahead of the supposed time.

Telsa Continues To Face Off With Several Lawsuits and Challenges

Telsa in addition to the lawsuit n 2018 continues to face off with several lawsuits and challenges from regulatory agencies.

Telsa however did not respond to a request for comment by CNET immediately. And as you should know, the company does not operate a public relations department anymore that typically would field such requests.


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