Teens Tech Expo 2024

A tech conference aims to raise awareness among teenagers about the value and impact of technology, encouraging them to explore opportunities in the tech field.

Teens Tech Expo
Teens Tech Expo

About Teens Tech Expo

Teens Tech Expo is an exciting and educational event designed specifically for teenagers, aiming to bridge the gap between the younger generation and the rapidly evolving world of technology. This expo serves as a platform to sensitize teenagers about the immense value and impact that technology holds in our present and future.

At the core of the Teens Tech Expo is the mission to empower and inspire teenagers, encouraging them to explore the vast opportunities within the tech realm. The expo recognizes the importance of early exposure to technology, fostering an environment where teenagers can engage with the latest innovations, learn about cutting-edge developments, and grasp the potential of technology as a tool for positive change.

The expo is carefully curated to provide a dynamic and interactive experience for teenagers. It goes beyond traditional educational approaches, offering hands-on activities, workshops, and engaging discussions led by industry professionals. By creating a space where teenagers can actively participate and experience the practical aspects of technology, Teens Tech Expo strives to ignite a passion for innovation and problem-solving.

One of the key focuses of the expo is to showcase how technology can be harnessed to address real-world challenges. From coding and robotics to artificial intelligence and sustainable tech solutions, teenagers are exposed to a diverse range of tech fields, encouraging them to envision themselves as future contributors to these areas.

Teens Tech Expo also emphasizes the importance of networking and community building. By bringing together like-minded teenagers, industry experts, and mentors, the expo fosters an environment conducive to meaningful connections. This not only enhances the learning experience but also creates a supportive community where teenagers can share ideas, collaborate on projects, and inspire one another.

Teens Tech Expo is not just an event; it’s a transformative experience. It plays a pivotal role in shaping the mindset of teenagers towards technology, instilling in them a sense of curiosity, empowerment, and the belief that they can be active participants in the ever-evolving tech landscape. As technology continues to shape the future, Teens Tech Expo stands as a beacon, guiding the next generation towards a world where they are not just consumers but creators and innovators.

Date and Time

Friday, May 24, 2024 · 9am – 5pm WAT


J.F. Ade. Ajayi Auditorium (Main Auditorium), Unilag

Otunba Payne Street Lagos, LA 101245


8 hours

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