T-Mobile Apple TV+ Free for One Year – Apple TV+ From T-Mobile

T-Mobile Apple TV+ Free for One Year. One of the best ways in which Apple would be receiving the homes and eyes and minds of citizens every day with Apple TV+ is with T-Mobile USA. It now seems that T-Mobile would be offering an Apple TV+ subscription to not just their new customers, but already existing customers. You would be required to sign up entirely for the free 12-month subscription to Apple TV+, and you would require to cancel your subscription right at the end of the 12-month period if you are looking forward to being charged for usage any further.

T-Mobile Apple TV+ Free for One Year

T-Mobile Apple TV+ Free for One Year

T-Mobile USA users that have been classified as “existing Magenta and Magenta MAX customers” we would be offered the chance to acquire 12 months of Apple TV+ service without any fee. T-Mobile suggested this week would come with those on “eligibility” Sprint plans (Sprint Unlimited Plus, Sprint Premium), Military Plans, and 55+ plans.

Apple TV+ From T-Mobile

A release concerning the subscription deal would get posted this week says: “Already possesses a subscription or trial in work or in the past? No worries you would still be able to acquire 12 months of Apple TV+ from T-Mobile and keep your history of the past and purchases saved all thanks to the Apple ID.”

Users on T-Mobile have plans for you to take a peek and see if they would be eligible for the Apple TV+ 12-month free deal through the My T-Mobile page or the T-Mobil app available on Android or iOS Users also get to follow through the same path sprint users need to make use of – along with code!

If you are making use of a Sprint device, you would be required to head right to promotions (dot) T-Mobile (dot) com. There you would be required to make use of a “2021AppleTVP1” code to move forward.

Apple TV+ Subscription

This promo thing requires you to activate it and you also cancel it. Redemption is expected to take place before 7/31/2022 – which indicates to us that T-Mobile and Apple are heading straight to be promoting this deal for at least another year. You would be required to find an Apple TV+ subscription automatically renew right after the free 12-month period has concluded. After that, you would be required to pay $4.99 USD per month.


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