Surface Duo Receives Xbox Game Pass Streaming Dual-Screen Support – Surface Duo

Surface Duo Receives Xbox Game Pass Streaming Dual-Screen Support. When the second LG screen case was launched its case for the LG V50 ThinQ about three years ago, one of its advertised use cases was only to make use of one out of the two screens (usually the heavier main one) as a dedicated controller for games.

Surface Duo Receives Xbox Game Pass Streaming Dual-Screen Support

That was one of the ideas the Asus ROG first phone pushed and its TwinView Dock but, like LG’s implementation, it is in need of a separate accessory to work. With an in-built second screen, the Surface Duo almost meets the perfect scenario required, and, after nearly two years, that is arriving through the Xbox Game Pass app, a.k.a. cloud game streaming.

Surface Duo Receives Xbox Game Pass Streaming Dual-Screen Support

Some debate might still be going on amid mobile gamers around physical buttons and the ones that are virtual but even those that prefer the much latter will admit to a particularly significant drawback. While the touchscreen controls mean that you would not have to purchase and carry around a gadget that is separate, this meant that your thumbs will always cover a part of the screen all the time. the solutions were teased by Microsoft when the surface duo was first revealed, but it is only now that we experience the first visible signs of the feature appeared.

The Xbox Game Pass app’s latest beta version, which happens to be the app that is used for game streaming to Android phones that supported it, came with support for the dual-screen devices that delivers just like the Surface Duo. This turns the bottom screen, depending on the way hold it, into a dedicated space for touch screen controls, leaving the screen at the top unobstructed. Of course, this requires the Xbox game itself to offer supports to the touch screen controls and, given what Xbox cloud streaming is meant to be, some of those happens to actually do it.

Surface Duo

This almost makes the surface duo appears as the perfect “Xbox portable”, at least for gamers that do not mind onscreen controls. Windows central stated that developers can come up with their own layouts that would better fit the game and include some titles that might even support the motion sensors of the phone as an additional input. The older processor of the device would not even be a bottleneck here since all the major processing is taking place remotely.

The bottleneck appears to be the data connection, that is capped to 4G LTE on the Surface Duo. This feature is still fortunately in beta and there would be a lot of time to prepare it for the launch of a 5G-capable Surface Duo 2.

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