Disney Easter Egg: Hidden Features in Disney Movies

What is a Disney easter egg? The history of hiding eggs in animated movies is quite funny, especially the Disney eater eggs. Before VHS was innovated, if something is put in the background of a movie, it was an in-joke that only a handful of people will be able to discover. When home video was introduced and we were able to use the slow-motion feature to watch every frame of the movie, even after discovering this, sharing it might still prove difficult. But now, there are streaming services, screenshots, and the internet.

Disney Easter Egg

Disney Easter Egg

The world today has made it more fun and interesting when filmmakers (animators) hide Disney Easter eggs in movies. Disney Easter eggs have been around for up to 40 years, in this post, we will be showing you all the scenes where you can find Disney Easter eggs over the decades. In some, they are easily spotted while in some you would have to search cautiously.

Hidden Features in Disney Movies

Here we will be listing out the Disney Easter eggs and some hidden characters you definitely missed out on while watching these movies. Below are some of the hidden characters in Disney movies.

  1. Tinkerbell in ‘The Black Cauldron’ (1985)
  2. Tinkerbell in ‘The Black Cauldron’ (1985)
  3. Dumbo in ‘The Great Mouse Detective’ (1986)
  4. Bill the Lizard in ‘The Great Mouse Detective’ (1986)
  5. Pongo in ‘Oliver & Company’ (1988)
  6. The King and Grand Duke in ‘The Little Mermaid’ (1989)
  7. Kermit in ‘The Little Mermaid’ (1989)
  8. Mickey, Donald, and Goofy in ‘The Little Mermaid’ (1989)
  9. Vermeer in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (1991)
  10. California in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (1991)
  11. Mickey in ‘Aladdin’ (1992)
  12. Sebastian in ‘Aladdin’ (1992)
  13. The Beast in ‘Aladdin’ (1992)
  14. Jock in ‘The Lion King’ (1994)
  15. Mickey in ‘A Goofy Movie’ (1995)
  16. Pumbaa in ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ (1996)
  17. Belle in ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ (1996)
  18. Scar in ‘Hercules’ (1997)
  19. Credits in ‘Mulan’ (1998)
  20. Little Brother in ‘Tarzan’ (1999)
  21. Potts and Chip in ‘Tarzan’ (1999)
  22. Hidden Mickeys in ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’ (2000)
  23. Dumbo in ‘Lilo and Stitch’ (2002)
  24. Mulan in ‘Lilo and Stitch’ (2002)
  25. Stitch in ‘Treasure Planet’ (2002)
  26. Nemo in ‘Brother Bear’ (2003)
  27. The Lion King’ in ‘Chicken Little’ (2005)
  28. ‘The Jungle Book’ in ‘Meet the Robinsons’ (2007)
  29. Jack Skellington in ‘The Princess and the Frog’ (2009)
  30. The Magic Carpet in ‘The Princess and the Frog’ (2009)
  31. Princesses in ‘Tangled’ (2010)
  32. Pinocchio in ‘Tangled’ (2010)
  33. ‘Paperman’ in ‘Wreck-It Ralph’
  34. Rapunzel in ‘Frozen’ (2013)
  35. Stitch in ‘Big Hero 6’ (2014)
  36. Elsa and Anna in ‘Zootopia’ (2016)
  37. Olaf in ‘Moana’ (2016)
  38. Aladdin’s Lamp in ‘Moana’ (2016)
  39. Flounder in ‘Moana’ (2016)
  40. Aunt Cass in ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018)

Here are the hidden features and Disney Easter eggs in Disney movies. The movies are listed in order of release date, from the oldest to the latest.

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