Stimulus Check Price FAQ’s 2020: Frequently Asked Questions About the Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check Price FAQ’s 2020 related issues or terms. For the first round of payments, the total amount of the stimulus check you are to receive is based on your adjusted gross income or AGI from your 2019 federal tax filing, or if you have no filed this year, then your 2018 filing. Both the Democratic and Republican proposals are looking at the same model for the new stimulus check payments. You should consider checking more related terms on the stimulus check package for this article to get prepared on receiving your payment when due.

Stimulus Check Price FAQ’s 2020

Stimulus Check Price FAQ’s 2020

After the IRS sent payment to citizens it has mailing or banking information about, it set up the Non-Filer tool to aid other citizens to provide that information if the agency did not have it yet. It is said by the IRS that citizens who await the payment have until October 15th to provide the necessary information to receive a check this year 2020.

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How much do you get as a single taxpayer under the Cares Act?

A single United States citizen must have a Social Security number and an AGI under $75,000 t receive the full amount of $1,200. The sum decreases as your AGI range up. If your adjusted gross income reaches a limit of $99,000, you were not eligible for the stimulus.

How Much Do you Get As Head of the Household?

If a citizen files as a head of a household, he/she is to get the full $1,200 payment if their AGI is $112,500 or less, with the amount decreasing until it reaches $146,500.

How much for couples filing jointly? (Stimulus Check Price FAQ’s 2020)

Married citizens who filed jointly without children with an adjusted gross income of below $150,000 are to get a $2,400 payment amount, decreasing to zero at $198,000.

How Much for Children and Dependents?

A major point with the Cares Act was who qualified as a dependent. With the first round, for each child age 16 or younger in the family, the parents are to receive a payment of $500. Excluding children over age 16 and adults claimed as dependents. Base on the current proposals, the cutoff wouldn’t be 16 years or younger to qualify for the check.

If you still haven’t filed federal taxes, do that now (Stimulus Check Price FAQ’s 2020)

While the deadline for filing was July 15th, the IRS said if a citizen hasn’t filed his/her 2018 or 2019 federal taxes, it could affect their stimulus check. Citizens should be sure to include the direct deposit banking option on receiving the package grant which is considered the first means on payment as they will pay to citizens using the direct deposit method.

If you are not typically required to file a tax return you could still receive a payment

Citizens who are not required to file a tax return including senior citizens, Social Security and Social Security Disability Insurance citizens, and railroad retirees won’t require filing a simple tax return to receive their payment as said by the IRS.

The citizens of Supplementary Security Income will automatically receive the full $1,200 economic payment with no action needed for them. While others who haven’t filed a 2018 or 2019 return because they are under the normal income limit for filing a tax return, can use the Non-Filers portal to get their payment received.

Go to the IRS Non-Filers; enter the Payment info and click the Enter your information button. You are to provide your personal information and notify if you want to receive your stimulus check by direct deposit banking information.

Anyone registered with the Non-Filers tool by October 15th will receive the payment by the end of the year 2020. (Stimulus Check Price FAQ’s 2020)

Social Security recipients

It was said by the Treasury Department that Social Security citizens who are bot typically required to file a tax return will not need to file an abbreviated tax return to receive their payment. But instead, the IRS will use the information on Form SSA-1099 for Social Security citizens who didn’t file a tax return in the year 2018 nor 2019. (Stimulus Check Price FAQ’s 2020)

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