Google Analytic: How to Use Google Analytics for your Website

If you haven’t heard about the Google Analytic, then this is just the right article for you to read on. As a website owner or an app analyzer, you should get to use the Google Analytics service to make your job easier. It is used to measure traffic operations on a website. If you have a blog or a static website either for personal or business.

The Google Analytics service is required for you to check on visitors on your site, where they live, other sites that send traffic to your site, pages on your site that are popular, visitors converted to leads or customers, how you can improve your site speed, what blog content your visitors like the most, and few other features. It will be of maximum aid if you get to read more on this article to get the required information about Google Analytics.

Google Analytic

Google Analytic

Google Analytics is a web analytic service that is been offered by Google to aid the tracking and reports insights of website traffic. It is currently a platform inside the Google Marketing traffic. The Google Analytics service was launched by Google in November 2005 after acquiring Urchin. As of 2019, Google Analytics was the most widely used web analytic service on the web.

It provides an SDK that allows gathering usage data from iOS and Android Mobile App (Google Analytic for Mobile Apps). Google Analytics can be blocked by browsers, browser extensions, firewalls, and other methods. Google Analytics gives the user the free tools needed to analyze data for your business in one place so you can make smarter decisions on it.

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Features of Google Analytic

Google Analytics comes with features accessible to its users. Here are some of the features this service possesses. They include:

  • It is used to track your website activity such as web session duration, pages per session, bounce rate, and other operations of individuals using the website, along with the information on the source of the traffic.
  • It can be integrated with Google Ads with which users can create and review online campaigns by tracking landing page quality and conversions (goals). These goals include sales, lead generation, viewing a specific page, or downloading a particular file.
  • Google Analytic analysis can identify poorly performing pages with techniques like funnel visualization; where visitors/ referrers come from, how long they stayed on the site, and their geographical position.
  • It provides custom visitor segmentation.
  • Using Google Analytics e-commerce reporting can track sales activity and performance.
  • It helps in understanding the behavior of component groups of users apart from your user population.
  • Google Analytics is beneficial to marketers and analysts for the successful implementation of a marketing strategy.

How to Get Started with Google Analytics

There are steps to take before you can start to collect the basic data from a website using Google Analytic. These steps include:

  • Create/sign in to your Google Analytic account.
    • Launch your web browser.
    • Go to the URL
    • Access your account by either; clicking “Start for free” to create an account, while “Sign in to Analytics” to sign in to your account.
  • Set up a property in your Google Analytic account: This represents your website or app and is the collection point in the Google Analytics for the data for your site or app.
  • Reporting view in your property set up: These views let you create a filtered perspective of your data, i.e. all data except your company internal IP address, or all the data related to a specific sales region.
  • Follow the guides to add the tracking code to your website so you can begin to collect data in your Google Analytics property.

How to Download the Google Analytics Mobile App

Google Analytics can also be accessed on mobile phones. Inclusive of both the iOS mobile and the Android mobile. You can get to download the app from your mobile app store, and here is how to download it:

  • Go to your mobile app store.
  • Tap on the search bar.
  • Enter the keyword “Google Analytic” on the search box.
  • Tap on “Get” on iOS mobile or “Download” on Android mobile.

After a while of downloading, the Google Analytics Mobile App will be installed on your device. And you can access it from your app’s menu on the device.

How to Use the Google Analytics Mobile App

  • Launch the Google Analytics App.
  • Tap on “Get Started”.
  • Sign in to your email connected to your business/website or tap on add another account.
  • You can create an email account if you don’t have one.

You will be opened to the properties and views of your business/website after you have been signed in to your email account connected to your site.

Also, you don’t have to give your Google account information to someone else before he/she can access your Google Analytics data. You just have to go to the Admin menu on your Google Analytics account, then go to the property (website) or view you want someone to see.

Go to the User Management menu, and from there you can add the email address of any user you would want to view your Google Analytics data and also choose the permission you would like them to have.

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