Status Update on Stimulus Check – How To Track Your Payment Online

Checking your Status Update on Stimulus Check is a wise decision to know what has happened to your money. This new batch of stimulus packages includes plus-up payments to people that are due to receive their money.

Status Update on Stimulus Check

So, whether you have received your stimulus money or you still await it, here is what to know about the Status Update on Stimulus Check.

Status Update on Stimulus Check

This article contains delivery dates, partial checks and delays to why you haven’t received yet. You can read on this article if you still await the third round of stimulus check.

On this Status Update on Stimulus Check, you will be exposed to some basic information why your money is delayed, about the plus-up payment, and how to track your money.

Stimulus Check Plus-Up Payment

The stimulus check plus-up payment is referred to as a supplement to the main package the IRS has paid out already. So, if you didn’t receive the correct amount initially, you will be sent an automatic pay to correct the error.

You might receive the plus-up payment if the IRS used your 2019 tax record to calculate your check and then notice you were underpaid.

The same way you received your check (like the direct deposit), so as your plus-pay will be sent to you. You may receive a paper check instead if the IRS no longer have your details on file.

This payment will be done on weekly basis as the IRS still are processing applicants 2020 tax forms and reevaluates checks.

How To Track Your Payment Online

The Get My Payment tracker tools for stimulus check is been updates daily. This platform displays you Status Update on Stimulus Check after logging in.

Users can also access a free tool from the USPS to track their mailed stimulus check payment. This status check platform also indicates if there is error with your payment.

Reasons Your Stimulus Check Is Delayed – Status Update on Stimulus Check

Here are some of the major reasons to why your stimulus check is been delayed:

  • If you receive SSDI or SSI benefits or veterans benefits and still awaits your check.
  • Your stimulus check payment was sent to a closed or temporary bank account.
  • If you moved to another area and your current mailing address to send a check was not filed.
  • You requested a mail payment and your stimulus check is stuck in the mail.
  • The payment is been held by private debt collectors directly from your bank.
  • You may not be paid for your dependents like a new baby or older adults.
  • A nonfiler who needs to file his/her 2020 tax return to claim dependents.
  • If the IRS based your check on 2019 tax and you are owed money for 2020 AGI or dependents.
  • Calculation error and you need to claim adjustments.

So ensure you track your check so as to know your reason of not yet been paid.

Stimulus Check Delivery Dates

Here are the Status Update on Stimulus Check delivery dates:

  • Stimulus bill signed into law – March 11th.
  • First set of direct deposits made – March 12th (provisional), March 17th (official).
  • The first rounds of paper checks sent – The week of March 15th.
  • First EIP cards sent – The week of March 22nd.
  • Last day to get direct deposit – March 24th, unless you got a “plus-up” money for 2020 taxes.
  • First Social Security, SSI, SSDI payment sent – Weekend of April 3rd, and some arriving April 7th.
  • The first plus-up payments – The weekend of April 3rd.
  • VA benefits for veteran nonfilers – April 14th.
  • IRS deadline for sending checks – Dec. 31st, 2021 (mandated by the bill).
  • Last date to get a check – January 2022 (if mailed checks sent late December).
  • Final claims for missing stimulus money – 2021 tax season likely (in 2022)

And that’s it.


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