Sony Reveals a New PS5 Accessibility Controller

Sony Reveals a New PS5 Accessibility Controller which is great news for Playstation fans. When it comes to accessible controllers, it seems Microsoft is in control of the market, Microsoft so far has designed tons of controllers to meet the unique needs of tons of gamers.

Sony Reveals a New PS5 Accessibility Controller

The Company’s Xbox adaptive controller has managed to become a major product despite having the odds stacked against it, and ever since, the model has gotten considerable praise from users and advocates alike for its informed and customizable design.

Sony Reveals a New PS5 Accessibility Controller

It is not a surprise that Sony would hop in on the action with its very own competing products although it is somewhat quite surprising that it took a lot of years for this to occur. Accessibility features at the software level have been fully focused on Sony for quite a while now.

Regardless, Sony has decided to take some steps to wrap off the project Leonardo, the name that it is making use of for its accessibility gaming controller effort. This announcement was made as a part of Sony’s CES 2023 presence, and although the controller is not yet available, we got to look at the device and a bunch of major details concerning it.

Just as expected, Sony stated that it would collaborate with experts and players alike when it comes to designing Project Leonardo, although it also notes that the final design might end up quite different than what we see at the moment.

Leonardo is Sony’s Adaptive Controller

Project Leonardo is the codename for the controller, the actual controller, which is being built for the PlayStation 5 console, would be shipped with an entirely different name, although we do not know what Sony would be calling it. At the moment, what we know is that Sony is pressing forward with a highly customizable design in mind, noting as a part of the announcement that users would be able to make use of the controller out of the box and with third-party accessories.

So far, the controller is circular in nature based on the images that have been shared by Sony far. The controller also carries some expected design elements: the small buttons clustered together on the regular controller have been changed right into large buttons spread around in a ring formation. Now, the joysticks now exist as two entirely separate components so that they can be placed farther apart, and there’s the option of a large knob design for the joysticks that might be a lot easier for some gamers to grasp.

Features, Price, and Release Date

As stated by Sony, the Project Leonardo controller is expected to be shipped as a kit that includes the various elements that the users need for customizing the setup. When it comes to the software aspect of the controller, The Leonardo and PS5 combo would enable the users to remap the buttons and save controller profiles.

The controller is expected to be usable in arrangement with the Dual Sense for different types of gameplays and needs, and there’s a 3.5mm audio jack for making use of a headset.

At the moment, price and availability are yet to be stated, as Sony stated that the project is still underway and the controller is still being developed.

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