Sony Reon Pocket 2 Wearable Air Conditioner – Sony Reon Pocket 2 Features

The Sony Reon Pocket 2 Wearable Air conditioner received some better improvement as it gets a better look. As of 2019, Sony’s internal crowdfunding program produced the first and only wearable air conditioning system.

Sony Reon Pocket 2 Wearable Air Conditioner

Sony Reon Pocket 2 Wearable Air Conditioner gets a better Look

This device looks more like a mouse that has been flattened than a mini air conditioner, and the Reon Pocket has been quite famous and successful because Sony has decided to release a second version. This version 2 is given the name Reon Pocket 2 and it comes with some amazing upgrades which include the ability to be worn with your choice of clothes or, if Sony is to be asked, one of the shirts from a new line of fashionable clothes made especially using the Reon Pocket 2 in mind.

The Reon Pocket does not blow out cold air inside your shirt. Instead, it employs the Peltier effect in other to generate the sensation of coldness by absorbing heat or cold. It makes use of electronics and different materials to give you that effect, that is exactly what is being upgraded in the Reon Pocket 2.

Sony Reon Pocket 2 features

As for the second version, Sony decided to make a switch from silicon to stainless steel for the cooling surface, as metal provides much better lower temperatures to the skin. The internal circuitry has also been further improved to help absorb more heat to help create that cooling effect. Now, it offers minor dust and water resistance, good enough for you to use it for the gulf.

This application happens to be one of the reasons for this upgrade, and Sony has decided to partner with golf apparel makers to help come up with exclusive shirts for the Reon Pocket 2. Just like with the first set of devices created, these shirts possess pockets right in the back of the device.

Now, Sony is offering a $14 neckband accessory that you can use for the Reon Pocket 2 with whatever shirt you choose to wear it with. The device is about $140 but, just like the First Reon pocket, it is only available in Japan.

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