Sites that Test Payments & Products for you Before you Share your Data as a User

There are lots of online platforms and sites whose duties are job role are basically just to test payments and products for their users.

Sites That Test Payments And Products For You
Sites That Test Payments And Products For You

Besides, here we will explore the concept of trust when it comes to websites that recommend you goods. And, in the end, you should have your answer as to whether or not to trust such websites.

Gaming Sites Testing Process

There are lots of gaming sites that enable you to test payments and products to ensure it is safe for you as a user to share your data for its usage. Especially when it comes to online games that involve online payments. Besides, the sites that review products before posting often go through a rigorous testing process which can be divided into the following steps, independent research, analysis, interviews, and testing.

OnlineCasinos365 has a selection method that mimics the process of daily gambling, which most players complete each time they visit online casinos. Their ratings of real-money casinos also revolve around the legality of the sites and the correct handling of personal details. They do not consider sites that might have a possibility of malware.

Independent Research

Under independent research, they check the reviews of the products they want to advertise on multiple sites. This helps them determine whether it’s worth even buying it.


In the analysis phase, they must look into the following criteria: the end-user requirements, quality requirements, and requirements analysis. After getting all this information, they can remove products that don’t fit their standards and move the others to the next phase.


During the interviews phase, they question individuals who often use such products in their field of work. Take, for instance, engineers could be given saws to test. They also involve other professionals like: barbers, scientists, and designers.


During the testing phase, they ask themselves what is the main purpose of this product and what are the possible obstacles it could face. After compiling the answers to the questions, they begin testing. For example, robot vacuums could be put in a course with obstacles, in order to test their pathfinding abilities.

Possible Gain and Loss for Sites

Unfortunately, these sites aren’t doing this for free, they need to pay for the products they purchase and for the staff they hire. Furthermore, there should also be a level of risk involved in doing such. Under this header, we will discuss that.

Gain on Positive Review

There is certainly a gain in the world of product review, if not, no one would be involved in it. But, the question is how they are able to make their gains. Well, most product-selling sites have an affiliate program. In an affiliate program, people are paid for recommending products to others when they buy them. So, what testing sites do is, they include their affiliate link, that way whenever someone makes a purchase, they get a commission from them.

Loss on Negative Review

On the occasion these sites get a negative review, for instance, people complaining about a product they recommended. They run the risk of loosing the trust of that individual. And, if the person were to return the product, no commission would be made of it.

Examples of Products Often Tested

The owners of these websites can’t test all products online. So, what they do is select a certain demographic and pick a group of products commonly used by people in those demographics and test such. So, here are some of the products tested by these sites:  washing machines, TVs, artificial Christmas trees, bath towels, nonstick pans, soundbars, storage bins, office chairs, headlamps, sewing machines, mattresses, wine glasses, air purifiers, space heaters, and treadmills.

Websites That Test Products

On these sites, you can find lots of products that have been tested and reviewed by a team:

Wirecutter: On the Wirecutter website, they have loads of goods to choose from. In addition, they have organized them into groups to make getting what you want a lot easier.

Toptentreviews: Toptentreviews has a lot to offer, they review companies, services and products. And, with their trending tab, you’re always able to see what’s going on.

Customers Involvement In Final Results

The customer, the target audience for these products are often times called upon to give their review on the product before information about it is posted on the website.


In conclusion, the choice of putting your trust in these sites is definitely up to you. However, if you look at it from the perspective that they have more to loose than gain from tricking you, the choice becomes a more obvious one. We hope you have found this both educational and entertaining.



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