Shure releases its 1st hook-free wireless earbuds

At the price of a hundred and ninety-nine dollars ($199), Shure releases its 1st hook-free wireless earbuds. Congratulations to those who have been waiting since Shure presented its first true wireless earbuds at last year’s CES as they can finally get their hands on it.

Shure releases its 1st hook-free wireless earbuds

According to Shure’s unveiling at last year’s CES, their 1st hook-free wireless earbuds is going by the name Aonic 215. From what we saw on Engadget, the company isn’t planning to stop there are they have released the model for the second-generation version (second-gen version) this September (September 2021).

Shure releases its 1st hook-free wireless earbuds

The company (Shure) ‘s new and first hook-free wireless earbud model comes with a more traditional design of which you would now associate with the product category. It’s being called the Aionic Free. While the earbud may be larger than its rivals in the market, it truly is hook-free.

What we know about the Aionic Free

The Aionic Free is said to have an amazing noise cancellation feature that automatically blocks noises from entering your ears using its foam buds and its angled design.

In addition to that, the earbuds can last up to seven (7) hours of listening. Its case on the other hand can fully charge the buds up to two times for a total of twenty-one (21) hours of battery life.

With the fast charge feature, the earbuds can give you an hour of playback by spending just fifteen (15) minutes in its charging case. By merely tapping on either of the buds, you can easily control the volume and playback including taking calls.


All things considered, this earbud is amazing, and being the first of Shure means Shure has got loads of gadgets ready to hit us. What’s amazing about the earbuds is how easily you can customize the button functions.

With the company’s app, you can control just how much noise you want to let in when the Environment mode is turned on. You can also customize notifications. While Shure’s Aionic Free now costs a hundred and ninety-nine (199) dollars on the company website, the price may fall or rise later.


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