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“Shop by Category eBay”. If you are a newbie on eBay then you might find it a bit tricky to buy on eBay, though the easiest way to buy an item on eBay is either by searching for that item or to shop by category.

In this article, we will be showing you how to shop by category on eBay but firstly we are going to do a quick run over what eBay is and the kind of item you can find on eBay.

eBay is an eCommerce platform but unlike most of these other eCommerce platforms we are used to like Amazon, eBay sells on auction. Items for sale are displayed on the home screen and you can also get items by searching or by shopping by category.

Shop by Category eBay

Shop by Category eBay

Like every other eCommerce platform, images and descriptions are made available for every item. To buy an item on eBay you will first have to place a bid on that item (your bid cannot be below the starting bid price), when placing a bid, you have automatically signed to buy the item if you eventually win the bid.

Not all items are available for bid as some sellers already set a fixed price for their items.

How to Shop by Category on eBay

Shopping by category is one of the ways you can buy items from eBay. eBay has made this so easy that the categories tab can be found on eBay’s home page. To shop by category on eBay follow the steps below.

  1. From the home page ( click on the Shop by Category tab. Each category is subdivided into more categories, for example, the fashion category is further divided into men, women, shoes, jewelries & watches.
  2. If the item you want to buy doesn’t fall under any of the listed categories, click on See all categories, this option is displayed at the bottom of the listed categories.
  3. All the available category of items is arranged and displayed in alphabetical order, browse for the category the item you want to buy falls under and make your bid.

After you have seen the item you want buy, you can make your bid to start pricing, if you are the winner of the bid then you will have to pay when the bid is over.

eBay Advance Search

Not everyone on eBay knows how to use the advanced search tool or knows what this tool is even used for. Here, we will be showing you how to use the advance search on eBay.

  1. Next to the search bar, click on Advance.
  2. Choose an item from Stores, items, or eBay Motors.
  3. Select the filters you’d like to apply by checking the boxes or you can do this by entering your keywords then click on Search.

With the advanced search tool on eBay, you can search deeper by applying more filters even after the results have been displayed. The advanced search tool can be found on almost every page on eBay.

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