Top 7 Secrets to Securing a Fully Funded Scholarship in First Attempt

Scholarships that are fully funded often cover all the expenses related to studying within the program’s timeframe. These expenses covered usually include the student’s tuition fee, living expenses/cost, accommodation, study materials (textbooks) etc. There are certain funded scholarships that even cover the living cost of the recipient’s dependents.

Secrets to Securing a Fully Funded Scholarship in First Attempt

Securing a fully funded scholarship on your first attempt can be a game-changer, especially with the competitive nature of these study aid programs which not only eases your financial burden but also opens doors to quality education. However, this achievement is no walk in the park. It requires dedication, strategy, and a few well-kept secrets. This article will uncover the top 7 secrets to help you secure that coveted scholarship.

Top 7 Secrets to Securing a Fully Funded Scholarship in First Attempt

The Top 7 secrets to securing a fully funded scholarship in your first attempt Include the following:

Scholarship Search in the Right Places

The first step towards winning a scholarship is to look in the right places. Ensure that you don’t limit yourself to just one source. Therefore it’s important to explore government programs, private organizations, and universities. To explore other sources, you might want to use dedicated scholarship search engines and platforms like Fastweb and These will enable you to cast a wide net thereby increasing your chances of finding the perfect opportunity.

Preparing Early in Advance

Preparing early in advance for a fully funded scholarship is paramount, as winning such scholarships is not about luck but good preparation. So, start early by creating a checklist of application requirements and deadlines. In doing that, you should gather all necessary documents, such as transcripts and recommendation letters, well in advance.

Being organized and proactive will set you apart from the competition. Give your application the cutting edge over others with early preparations.

Hard Work and Motivation

Scholarship committees appreciate hardworking and motivated individuals. Having this in mind, you should maintain a strong academic record and demonstrate a genuine passion for your chosen field of study.

It’s also important to highlight your dedication in your essays and interviews, this demonstrates your commitment to making the most of the scholarship opportunity.

Putting up Exceptional Qualities

Exceptional Qualities of Scholarship applicants are crucial to their application approval. Most scholarship providers often seek candidates who exhibit exceptional qualities. Therefore, showcasing your unique talents, experiences, and achievements can not be overemphasized.

You can share stories that reflect your character and resilience to the end and your application reflects what makes you stand out from the crowd.

Sticking to Application Instructions

It might interest you to know that over 80% of applicants whose scholarship applications were declined, didn’t stick to instructions. Hence, it’s important that you read in-between lines to understand the specified instructions and follow the same to submit your application. Remember to proofread your essays and ensure they address the essay prompts precisely.

Ask Peers to Review Your Scholarship Essays and Statement of Purpose

Seek feedback on your scholarship essays and statement of purpose by asking teachers, mentors, or friends for their input. This will help you to be sure that your application would make sense to the scholarship provider who makes the assessment. Fresh perspectives can help you refine your content and make it more compelling. Don’t forget that a well-crafted essay can make a significant difference.

Be Your Real Self

Most fully funded scholarships are very competitive as we have earlier mentioned here. It simply means that applicants who do not fulfill the scholarship conditions, will not be considered. So, authenticity matters in scholarship applications.

Be true to yourself in your essays and interviews, and avoid mixing up things, exaggerating, or portraying a persona that doesn’t reflect your genuine character. Scholarship committees appreciate sincerity and authenticity, they look out for such in making their final selection.


Securing a fully funded scholarship in your first attempt is an achievable goal if you follow the guide provided in this post – which is obviously the right approach. Start your fully funded scholarship search early, prepare diligently, showcase your qualities, follow instructions, seek feedback from friends and mentors, and be authentic (be yourself). These seven secrets can help you turn your scholarship dreams into reality.

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