Save $10 on A Nest Cam (Wired) 2pack

Save $10 on a Nest Cam (wired) 2pack – Do you love shopping online? If you do, then I have great news for you. What if I told you that there is a great deal for you today in regards to the nest cam (wired) 2 pack? If you shop for this item today on online shopping marketplaces such as Amazon, you can get to save up to $10.

Save $10 on A Nest Cam (Wired) 2pack

Save $10 on A Nest Cam (Wired) 2pack

Online shopping has been revolutionized in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. It is now possible and more convenient to shop online these days as you can get absolutely anything you wish to buy.

From gadgets to appliances and fashion to groceries, you name it; it is possible to buy online. Buying just about anything online is not even the best part as the best part is that whatever you shop for gets delivered to your home. Isn’t that great!

Away from online shopping and getting to the product of this post, the Google nest cam outdoor 2-pack weatherproof outdoor camera for home security. This very beautiful piece of tech is a surveillance camera with night vision which you can control remotely with your phone. Marvelous, isn’t it?

The Google Nest Cam (Wired) 2-Pack Specs and Features

With the problem of insecurity today, this very piece of sleek and effective gadget can come in very handy. It is an outdoor device and do you know what this means? This simply means that it can stand any form of weather, whether it is window or stormy, it is the best piece of surveillance device you can get your hands on today.

The device is branded by Google and it can be connected to Wi-Fi. Its controller type includes Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The device also has a 1080p of video capture resolution. The nest cam provides 24/7 live video coverage and it has a 360-degree view that shows your home in 1080 high definition both day and night.

The device is weatherproof, both its camera cable and adapter are weatherproof. It is clear as day even at night time. It has a night vision feature that illuminates the whole scene. You can get to see who’s at your door and even talk back in a bid to get their attention with this device.

The nest cam is easy to install and you can even do it all by yourself. You can install it and point it to anywhere you wish with its unique magnetic mount. There is no hub required.

When purchasing this very product from an online marketplace different from amazon, it features the Google seal. Therefore, always look out for the Google seal to show authentication we purchasing from a different online seller.

Where to Buy the Nest Cam (Wired) 2pack

You can get this product inline from the Google store. You can also get it from various online marketplaces such as Amazon and BestBuy. And when you shop for this item in online marketplaces such as the Google store or amazon, you get to save up to $10.


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