Samsung 4K TVs and Earbuds are Reportedly Getting a Huge Bluetooth Upgrade

Samsung 4K TVs and earbuds are reportedly getting a huge Bluetooth upgrade. The next generation of Bluetooth connectivity as rumored is quite the game changer and it will be coming to Samsung TVs and Galaxy Buds.

Samsung 4K TVs and Earbuds Bluetooth Upgrade

Samsung 4K TVs and Earbuds Bluetooth Upgrade

The good news for owners of some of the best Samsung TVs and Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro, the tech company has just announced a big software upgrade and it is quite a genuine game changer. The software update in question is bringing the much-anticipated Auracast technology to its entertainment devices, and specifically, the Neo QLED 8K TVs and the 2023 micro-LED TVs of Samsung, and that gets to open up all kinds of exciting possibilities.

Auracast as noted is part of the latest Bluetooth LE Audio technology and it makes some really huge and important changes to how Bluetooth audio works. And instead of just pairing with a single device as mentioned before, Auracast now enables devices to become a kind of hotspot, but however for audio rather than just data transfer.

What You Should Know About the New Bluetooth Upgrade

The new update in question as you should know allows for transmitters, which in turn could be one of the best phones or best tablets, a PC, or even a public transmitter – to help broadcast an audio signal directly to an unlimited number of in-range receivers, such as your Bluetooth 5.2 earbuds or your headphones. So when that transmitter in question is your TV, you can easily and effectively connect to multiple pairs of the best earbuds. And that is just exactly what Samsung has just announced for certain types of compatible TVs.

As far as I know, Samsung is the first major TV company to include Auracast in its TVs, which simply means that you can now take advantage of Apple-rivalling features finally such as support for multiple connected headphones when it is that you and your friends or family are watching TV such as the best AirPods as well as Apple TV 4K are capable of.

Other Benefits of Auracast

According to Samsung: “Auracast opens a variety of potential use cases and possibilities for further device applications — from augmented or assistive listening in a theater or lecture hall for those who want hear better to sharing a playlist from your smartphone while on a run with friends, and even multi-language support without translation devices by sending different language interpretations via different channels.”

Clearly, it is true that you are not going to be taking an 8K TV to your lecture theatre. But it however does give you an idea of just how useful Auracast may prove to be. Bluetooth LE Audio as you should know is not just about Auracast, as quite interesting that is. It also helps to deliver lower latency, which is very important to gamers as well as musicians as many Bluetooth headphones are too slow for live recording. LE Audio is also utilized by Samsung to help deliver 360 Audio Recording in the Samsung Galaxy phone camera through Galaxy Buds2 Pro.

When Samsung Will Be Rolling Out the Software Update

Samsung will however be rolling out the software update to compatible TVs from the month of September, which as you should know just happens to be the very same month that it will be showing off its latest ideas at the IFA show in Berlin.



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