RIoT Accelerator Program Winter 2023 Cohort – APPLY NOW

Applications for the RIoT Accelerator Program 2023 are accepted on a rolling basis. All prospective Startups may apply anytime and will be considered for each cohort after the specified application deadline of December 15th 2023.

RIoT Accelerator Program
RIoT Accelerator Program

The RIoT Accelerator Program (RAP) for 2023 is here, offering an exciting opportunity for startups to take the leap and thrive in the ever-evolving world of the Internet of Things.

RIoT Accelerator Program Details

The RIoT Accelerator Program, or RAP, is a 12-week high-touch initiative that’s designed to supercharge startups by connecting them with a consortium of over 90 companies spanning the IoT technology spectrum. RAP provides a unique platform for startups to learn, collaborate, and ultimately, bring their innovative IoT products to market.

RAP is a versatile program that supports various entrepreneurial processes. It can take your idea from research and development to corporate innovation projects. RAP allows industry players to seed the accelerator with real-world, market-driven challenges.

What is RIoT?

RIoT is a 501(c)(3) organization brought to you by the Wireless Research Center and our sponsors. It all began as a Meetup group in 2014, and it has since grown significantly.

Today, RIoT continues to serve as a pivotal hub for the IoT community, offering an array of services such as a startup accelerator, R&D lab, and educational programs.

Benefits of RIoT Accelerator Program

RIoT Accelerator Program participants (startup), will receive the following benefits:

  • Connect with Industry Partners and Customers: One of the most significant advantages of joining RAP is the opportunity to connect with industry partners and potential customers. The program provides a unique networking platform, allowing your startup to make valuable connections in the IoT landscape.
  • Access to an Engineering Prototyping Lab and Tools: There is no doubt that prototyping and engineering are critical In the world of IoT hence, RAP offers access to an engineering prototyping lab and a variety of essential tools, making it easier for startups to turn their ideas into functional prototypes.
  • Explore the IoT Ecosystem: Participating in the RAP gives you access to a vast IoT ecosystem that includes government, academic, and industry collaborators. This ecosystem will help your startup thrive with the provision of resources and insights to propel your venture forward.

Eligibility Criteria for the RIoT Accelerator Program

Since its inception, RIoT has been known for supporting a variety of startups, and RAP is no exception. RIoT is looking for innovative ideas from companies and entrepreneurs who recognize the potential of leveraging the data economy.

How to Apply for RIoT Accelerator Program 2024?

The RIoT Accelerator Program 2024 has  three paths into it:

Apply as an Early Stage Startup

If you’re an early-stage startup with a compelling IoT-related idea, this path is for you. RAP provides a platform to nurture your startup in a supportive and innovative environment.

Apply as a Corporate Team

Are you part of a corporate team looking to innovate and develop a new product? RAP can facilitate this by providing a creative space outside of your corporate structure.

New Team Formation

RIoT helps source talent for sponsored innovation projects. If you’re interested in seeding a project into RAP or joining a RAP team as a complementary technical or business applicant, this is your chance to shine.

For more details, kindly visit the official website at

Application Deadline

December 15, 2023.



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