Resident Evil 4’s Fan-Made HD Remaster Is At Last Complete

Resident Evil 4’s fan-made HD remaster is at last complete. Following seven years of being developed, Albert Marin and his little group have finished their comprehensive reworking of Resident Evil 4’s graphics on PC.

Resident Evil 4’s Fan-Made HD Remaster Is At Last Complete

Contrasted with a few different ventures where engineers upscale or in any case modernize the visuals for another age or foundation of equipment, this group pored over each picture resource, utilizing reserves given by enthusiasts of the task to refine Capcom’s PC port of the game.

According to the verge, sometimes where old surfaces simply didn’t look too great at a higher goal, the group changed a significant number of them without any preparation utilizing photographs or AI, while endeavoring to stay devoted to the tasteful of the first game.

Whenever been talked with, Albert Marin in mid-2021, the group had amassed more than 4,500 Photoshop documents and had invested north of 9,000 hours of effort on the venture.

Resident Evil 4’s Fan-Made HD Remaster Is At Last Complete

Actually, a lot of people like me is shocked (however happy) that the group didn’t get an order to shut everything down from Capcom particularly nearer to when the VR rendition was delivered on the Quest 2.

In an example of honesty, the organization even stuck a gathering post about the fan-made fix on Resident Evil 4’s Discussion page on Steam. You love to see it.

This HD project that can be introduced as a fix for Resident Evil 4 on Steam doesn’t make any interactivity changes. All things being equal, each rock, ammunition box, door handle even the cutscene visuals – have been affectionately refreshed by the group.

For individuals who might have as of late played the Resident Evil 4 VR game for Quest 2, this could be a pleasant method for encountering the most cleaned form of the first third-individual game.

How to Check the HD Project Yourself

To check the HD project out for yourself, this is the way to make it happen:

  • Buy Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition on Steam (it’s just $4.99 until February 3rd) and install the game
  • Ensure that you have 37GB of extra storage, as that’s the uncompressed size of the HD project’s package of assets
  • Head to one of the direct download sites listed at the HD Project’s site or alternatively snag the torrent
  • Extract the HD project files once the download is complete and then head to their site for the latest step-by-step instructions to install the patch to your game files
  • If you want, consider donating a few bucks to the team for making the HD project free

Resident Evil 4

Players control U.S. government specialist Leon S. Kennedy, who is sent set to salvage the U.S. president’s little girl Ashley Graham, who has been abducted by a faction.

In a country part of Europe, Leon battles swarms of residents tainted by a brain-controlling parasite and reunites with the government agent Ada Wong.

Inhabitant Evil 4 is proclaimed as the primary present-day third-individual shooter, yet it was a lot more. Features included speedy time occasions, and in spite of the fact that they’ve been abused in current games.

They seemingly started out here. While most games would remunerate you for pulling off a headshot, it was a significant bet here.


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