Reset Roku: Basic Ways to Reset your Roku Device

Speaking of Reset Roku, Roku Streaming devices give you access to view content over the Internet. Do you encounter difficulty while trying to view content? There are numerous ways you can reset your Roku device issue.

Reset Roku

Roku – Basic Ways to Reset your Roku Device

  • Via system Restart
  • Through the soft method of factory reset
  • Factory Reset using the hard method

System Restart Roku Device

By turning off and On of your Roku might bring a solution to the problem.  Note this option is available for Roku 4 and Roku TVs.  Follow the medium below to perform the restart with the remote

  • Navigate to the homepage
  • Click on the “system” tab
  • Move downward and then tap on the “system Restart” widget
  • Press on the “restart” tab  then wait patiently for it to power off and On
  • After performing restart, it displays the home screen, from there you can now check if the issue is resolved
  • Incase your Roku freezes you can restart by, clicking the “home” button 5 times, then click the “up arrow” one time, tap on the “rewind” widget two times and then press twice the “fast forward” button

Perform factory Reset Soft method on Roku Streaming Device

Changes that occur when you use the soft method

  • There will be no link between your Roku account and Roku device
  • It clears the personal preferences
  • You are going to set it up again

To Factory Reset with Soft Method

  • Right on your Roku remote, click on the “home” tab
  • Navigate to select the “settings” button
  • Tap on the “system” widget
  • Press on the “Advanced system settings” button. Then select the “factory reset” tab from the menu.
  • Confirm you want to perform this reset. And then type in the four code to start the factory reset

Factory Reset With Hard Method

You can try this method when you must have used the method above, it might be the solution to the problem

  • On the Roku TV, streaming device, or box, Locate the “reset” tab
  • Hold on to the “reset” button For few seconds.
  • A light on the Roku device begins to blink with speed, as soon as the reset is finished, then you can live the reset button

If there is no reset tab on your TV, follow the steps below

  • Click on the “mute and power” button located on the TV
  • As you hold on to buttons, remove the power cord of the TV and plug it in again
  • When the startup screen displays, remove your hand from the buttons
  • Go to guided setup, and then enter your account and settings information again.

To Reset Network Connection

Without resetting your Roku, if you have issues with your network, simply follow the procedure

  • On the homepage, navigate to the “settings” widget
  • Select the “system” tab
  • Click on the “Advanced system settings” widget
  • Press on the “Network connection reset” link
  • Choose the “Reset connection” tab
  • Move to “settings”
  • Select the “Network” button
  • Tap the “set up a new connection” link and then enter your WIFI account details again.

That is it for this article “Reset Roku”.

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