Non-profit Fundraising Platform: List of some Non-profit Fundraising Platforms

Fundraising is very important for non-profit platforms, and online fundraising platforms are essential to make connections with donors online. It is very essential for you to have a clear understanding of all the features on any platform you choose and also use the right methods to reach out to potential donors. In this article, we are going to give you a list of some non-profit fundraising platform and the information which will be needed about them.

Non-profit Fundraising Platform

List of some Non-profit Fundraising Platforms

Below are some of the best online non-profit fundraising platforms.


This is a platform that gives solutions for charities and non-profits to help facilitate their online fundraising efforts. Their platform provides access to mobile bidding for auctions, events & ticketing, virtual fundraising, and online giving.


This is a nonprofit fundraising platform that gives people an easy way to raise money. Fundly enables you to create an attractive page with your pictures and videos to display to donors that their donations are working for the benefit of others. Also, a minimum goal for withdrawal of funds is not needed, you can easily withdraw funds within 24 hours. There is also an option for you to set up automatic transfers, thereby receiving alerts and updates immediately after your campaign starts


This is a non-profit fundraising platform that provides access to raise money by the sales of t-shirts. Your money is not needed to launch your campaign because the t-shirts sold will make the payment for you. You can easily create a customized t-shirt, market it, make sales and have it shipped.


With this Non-profits fundraising platform, things are made faster, more flexible, and more affordable. You can easily create donation pages for websites and also click on social sharing. On Snowball, you can create events, make sales of tickets, and text-to-give.


This is also a non-profit fundraising platform that gives you access to create a website, control contents, and receive donations. Dojiggy is a great platform to advertise and get pledges.


This is a platform that is unique due to its stellar social media integrations feature. FundRazr social media integrations are compatible with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Messenger, WhatsApp, and other social media. You can also add pictures and videos to your campaigns to make the donors aware of what they are supporting. Donors for FundRazr can make use of PayPal or Stripe to give their donations.


This is a fundraising platform that had been established since 2006 and remains one of the best non-profit fundraising platforms. MightyCause provides the opportunity to create, edit and also manage their personal branded page. Donors can easily access your page by making use of a desktop or mobile device.


This is a non-profit fundraising platform that offers personal experience. You can build event pages, landing pages and also sync your page to social media like Facebook.


This platform is dependent on the Panorama fundraising platform. You can create event pages, individual giving pages, and form-based campaigns. Users also get receive an updated analysis to know how their event or campaign went.

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