Rakuten USA – Rakuten USA Benefits | Offerings and Internation Shipping

Rakuten USA formerly known as Buy.com is an e-commerce marketplace that is based in San Mateo, California. This company was founded in 1997 by Scott Blum and in 2010; it was purchased by Japanese company Rakuten and was rebranded as Rakuten.com in order to expand its online retailing business in the USA. Rakuten USA remains one of the best places to purchase cheap electronic products.

Rakuten USA

Rakuten USA

With the sole aim of giving customers more for their purchases at its stores, Rakuten USA is a place to shop if you want to save on your purchases and at the same time get quality for your money. The magnet of Rakuten that attracts customers from all over is in its discount prices. Who wouldn’t want to save more?, this is exactly what you get at Rakuten, be it on electronics, clothing as well as other household items. As you shop, you also enjoy cash backs, which makes you enjoy your money’s worth as you shop on this platform.

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Now let’s explore the amazing benefits that shopping on Rakuten USA can actually offer you.

Rakuten USA Benefits

  • Enjoy up to 40% Cash Back at over 2,500 stores. (No fees, no points and no forms).
  • Stores pay Rakuten a commission when they send you, their way, and Rakuten on the other hand shares the commission with you in the form of Cash Back.
  • Shopping at Rakuten.com or the Rakuten app allows you to find a store, promo code or deal.
  • Earn cash back on your purchases at Rakuten USA. Just follow the links and let the shopping begin, and cash back will be added to your account, once your order is reported to Rakuten.
  • Receive your Big Fat Check or Paypal payment. Every quarter, you will be sent your Cash Back in the form of a Big Fat Check or Paypal payment.
  • You can join Rakuten for Free and Get a $10 Bonus Today.

Let’s also explore what and what you can get on this amazing site.

Rakuten USA Offerings

At Rakuten USA, you get a wide selection of items and low prices. This site also stands as a great place for online shopping. It offers the greatest selection of items that you could ever need, ranging from electronics to clothing. Thus for whatever product idea, you have for something you want to buy either for yourself or a friend, Rakuten USA has you covered. Not only will you shop amazing items on this amazing site, but you will also save as you purchase here.

Rakuten USA also offers deals to customers and shoppers to keep them coming back for more and one they can’t find in other stores. This company has a large warehouse full of sales items, which implies that they can come off as wholesale discounts directly to customers. With these discounts, customers can save money as they shop at Rakuten USA.

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Are you reluctant to purchase with Rakuten because you are not sure if you can ship with them? Let’s see what the options are:

International Shipping at Rakuten

Rakuten.com is an awesome shopping destination for both American customers and international customers, mostly with USGoBuy.

Now international customers can order directly from Rakuten and have their purchases shipped to a US address which is given by USGoBuy. As these packages arrive at USGoBuy, they are shipped to your international address according to your requests. Now when you choose USGoBuy for mail forwarding service, you get 60% off international shipping rate and free repacking and consolidation service.

You can now register to get a free US mailing address and start your international shopping experience with Rakuten USA. Apart from shopping with physical cash at Rakuten USA, here are other offerings from the company that you can actually enjoy and make your transactions worth it.

Coupons & Rakuten Rewards MasterCard

With Rakuten.com, you get a large array of reward programs for those who regularly shop. With the reward MasterCard, customers can get points for their expenses, as well as get cash back on certain items and can also take advantage of coupon codes in order to save more at Rakuten.

If you were confused before now, whether or not to shop on this amazing platform, I hope that you have been convinced now, that it is actually one of the best decisions you can ever make.

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