Power All Things with This $170 Anker 600W Power Station

Power all things and also get to save funds with this $170 Anker 600W power station. You never need to be left without power again all thanks to this very versatile and portable generator with several outlets that is currently $50 off.

$170 Anker 600W Power Station

$170 Anker 600W Power Station

This very Anker 521 portable power station has a 10-year lifespan as well as a peak 600W power output for the things and times when you are in need to power big things. The power station is also reportedly laden with outputs that are inclusive of AC, USB, and USB-A options.

Whether it is that you are out in the yard or you are simply on vacation in the middle of nowhere, life is so much easier when you have a stable and ready access to power. You don’t even need to ever be without it again all thanks to this Amazon deal and offer that brings the Anker 521 Portable Power Station all the way down to only $170.

When Will This Offer End?

This very special price in question is $50 off the original and initial $220 asking price and it also does not require any of those pesky discount codes or the on-screen coupons. It is however worth noting that there is no set indication as to when this deal is going to end, which simply means that it might happen at any given moment. That said; consider ordering now in order to lock this discount in.

Specs and Features of the Anker Power Station

This is definitely a discount that you really don’t want to miss, too. The Anker 521 as you should know can effectively power a mini fridge for over five hours and also charge your average camera over 15 times just before it itself runs out of juice.

You also will not have to struggle for ways to plug things in, either. The Anker 521 power station comes with two AC outlets as well as two USB-A output ports. There is also a single USB-C port that is capable of powering things at up to 60W, which is very much enough for most laptops as well as more than enough for phones and tablets. There is even a 12V car outlet, as well.

Other Notable Benefits of Having This Power Station

Charging the Anker 521 power station as you should know will only take just two and a half hours, and a power-saving mode makes sure that no battery power will be wasted. There is even a display within the product to reveal to you the current battery situation as well. All of that and many more make this a portable power station, the likes of which you really don’t want to be without.



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