Pokemon Go Creator Niantic to Launch a Platform That Builds Real-World Metaverse Apps

Pokemon Go creator Niantic to launch a platform that builds real-world metaverse apps. The maker of the famous ‘Pokemon Go’ wants to be at the helm of things with its future AR glasses.

Pokemon Go Creator Niantic to Launch a Platform That Builds Real-World Metaverse Apps

Pokemon Go Creator Niantic to Launch a Platform That Builds Real-World Metaverse Apps

The company is now releasing or launching a platform that will build what it refers to as real-world metaverse apps. The platform will be known as “lightship”. The platform according to CEO John Hanke is “built around the parts necessary to stitch together the digital and the real world.”

The Niantic Company normally is known for creating the Pokemon Go game which is one of the most successful games ever. And with lightship, Hanke has insisted that the company is “opening the vault of tech that we’ve been using to build our products to help others build planet-scale AR apps.”

Niantic’s Lightship Initiative

Lightship has been being developed for a long while. Yet, beginning Monday, it’s open for any engineer or developer to get to. The majority of the software toolkit is free, however, Niantic will charge for an element that can allow numerous gadgets to get to shared AR encounters at the same time. The organization is likewise submitting $20 million to support new organizations building AR applications.

Niantic is also already planning for lightship next year with a major update on the works. The company is building what it calls a “visual positioning system” for AR glasses according to Hanke.

By utilizing the new system, glasses with shows or displays in them will actually want to see precisely where they are in reality, which will let virtual articles and objects (like a Pikachu) stay secured constantly to certifiable areas in the real world. It’s a basic part expected to make AR glasses, for example, the sort that Niantic is working with Qualcomm.

What Niantic Is Planning To Achieve With Lightspace

The company simply is trying to set a pattern for future ARs or simply what AR can achieve and be. Hanke before starting Niantic once ran the Google maps program. He says the goal with lightship is to “basically set a pattern for what AR can be.” And while many tech giants and companies are building very similar software tools, Hanke thinks that lightships support for both iOS and Android can make it a very attractive option for developers.

What Hank Has To Say about Lightship

He said “the state of the world today is sort of 50/50 between Android and iOS. And I think it’s going to be much more diversified in the world of AR glasses. So a solution that actually solves the developer problem of being able to write something and create something that’s going to work across multiple platforms is really important.”

CEO of Niantic, Hanke back in august wrote a blog post and in it, he called the idea behind metaverse a “dystopian nightmare.” With that, he is all against the very idea of people being pulled out or disconnected from reality by technology. And unlike the VR metaverse that is being championed by Mark Zuckerberg, he (Hanke) wants developers of lightship to build AR apps that will keep people engaged with the physical.

He also said that “there’s a fork in the road. One path goes in this direction of apps that are not connected to the world around us and not helping us connect with the people who are around.” Hanke also mentioned another part that his company Niantic is taking with the lightship initiative. And according to him, he is “encouraging people to do things together with other folks who are alive.”


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