Pokémon Celebrates 1,000 Pokedex Milestone According To Reports

Pokémon celebrates 1,000 Pokedex milestone according to reports in an epic video.

Pokémon Celebrates 1,000 Pokedex Milestone According To Reports

Pokémon Celebrates 1,000 Pokedex Milestone According To Reports

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet reportedly carried the number of Pokémon over 1,000 when it was introduced to the Nintendo Switch in the month of November in the previous year, and on Thursday, the Pokémon firm released a video to celebrate the milestone.

And to finally answer the question that you may have currently, Pokémon number 1,000 is Gholdengo. This steel/ghost type of Pokémon is the evolved form of Gimmighoul which if leveled up transforms after you collect 999 Gimmighoul Coins. And as of now, there are 1,008 Pokémon in total, with Miraidon, the cover star of violet the final entry in the current Pokedex.

The Video Features the Nine Generations of the Core Video Game Series

The video in question runs all through nine generations of the core video game series and going back to the 1996 originals on Nintendo game boy. The video highlights just how much the visuals have changed over time and some of the languages the series also have been transformed into. And now the Pokémon firm should do an updated version of the Pokerap. And due to some technical problems, Scarlet and Violet also have nee the subject of criticism.

CNET’s Review

“The frame rate can stutter at the best of times, and slows to a crawl when you’re in busy areas like towns,” Dan Van Boom of CNET in his review said. “The citizens that inhabit these cities often shuffle along like stop-motion animation, missing every second frame. It’s bad enough to make you want to spend as little time as necessary in these locales.”

Nintendo Back in November Patched Some Issues with the Game

Nintendo however tendered an apology to fans and players when some of the problems were patched in December and then noted on Thursday that further bug fixes will be coming in a late February update. It also will add functionality, but the firm, however, did not offer many details in regards to this. It is very much possible that this update will let players easily link Scarlet and Violet with the Pokémon Home mobile app.

Scarlet And Violet Sold 10 Million Units within the First Three Days of Their Release

The reported bugs did not seem to be slowing down the sales of the game as Scarlet and Violet reportedly sold 10 million units within the first three days of their release back in November.


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