Podcasts for Teens: Best Podcasts for Teens This 2021

There’s a whole world of podcasts for teens – those trendsetters, and digital natives who navigate technology as easily as breathing. In this article you get to see a lot of podcasts for teens, covering subjects such as pop music, science, little-known historical facts, superhero battles, sustainability, and so much more.

Some teens might claim flippantly that Harry Potter is like a religion to them. This podcast takes that seriously, studying the books as if they were spiritual texts, and discussing themes like commitment, revenge, and forgiveness and how they fit into the context of these themes in other religions.

Teens are great listeners. Not necessarily always to you, but when it comes to streaming music and media, they’re setting the trends. Another place where they’re pointing their headphones: Podcasts.

Podcasts for Teens

Podcasts for Teens

The podcasts for teens are recommended for you to get for your teens. So if you are in need of a good motivational podcast for your teen this article is for you. These podcasts tackle everything from mental health to the world of YouTubers.

There is something so satisfying about throwing on a podcast, especially for teenagers. They can find shows that are tailored to their specific interests, and enjoy them while doing chores around the house, going for a walk, or on a long drive. Then, they can sit back and let the information just wash over them, with very little elbow grease needed.

Best Podcasts for Teens This 2021

Below are the best podcasts for teens this 2021;

What’s Good Games; If your teens are into video games (which we’re guessing they are), the What’s Good Games podcast gets them off their screens and listening to these clever female gamers (a rarity in the male-dominated gaming field) talking not just about favorite strategies, platforms, and games, but other “nerd stuff,” as they say, as well.

Welcome to Night Vale; this is a scripted, surreal, paranormal show, presented as if it were a community radio broadcast from an imaginary and unnerving town. Think Twin Peaks meets Parks and Rec, says Hablawi, and note that this one is better for older teens.

My Favorite Murder; How to explain the utter fascination with true crime? It’s not just murder, a teen explained to us, but also an exploration of current events, too, including recent episodes that focused on the Stonewall Uprising and the shootings at Kent State University. My Favorite Murder is definitely for older teens, but the hosts, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, and their personal ruminations about listening to your gut instincts, make it a good listen for older teen’s adults as well.

Stuff you should Know; Remember when your kids were small and they were always asking “Why?” Well, this is the Stuff You Should Know podcast that provides real answers to all of their pressing questions. The show’s convivial hosts have covered everything from “What is Vocal Fry” to “How the Electoral College Works” and everything in between.

Dear Hank and John; this is an advice show hosted by beloved YA author John Green (The Fault in Our Stars, Paper Towns, Turtles All the Way Down) and his musician brother Hank. The Green brothers answer a wide variety of questions from listeners, from the profound to the significantly more mundane. Best age: Tweens and Teens. You can get more details about these podcasts here.

This is a podcast made for and by teens, focusing on mental health. Episodes focus on topics like insomnia, how sound affects everyday life, and social media and mental health. You can get more details about the podcasts for teens here.

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