Podcast Addict – One of the Best Podcast App in The World

Podcast Addict is the no.1 Podcast app on Android with more than 10 million downloads with an average rating of 4.7/5. With this single app, you can manage all your podcasts, YouTube channels, and also RSS news.

You don’t have to miss out on the content you wish to listen to, read, and watch on Podcast Addict. It supports streaming and also can be used for making downloads.

The service incorporates an audio and video player that resumes playing where you left it, that way, you don’t get to worry about pausing and then having to start all over.

Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict is a listening app for Android mobile devices. The service allows you to manage podcasts, Radio, Audiobook, Live Stream, YouTube, SoundCloud channels and RSS News feeds from a single app.

It is simple and free to use, so that means the getting started process is easy to do. The service includes lots of radios from different countries that you can actually choose from. And then listen live or search for past ones.

Podcast Addict also includes podcasts recommendations and a top 50 inside each category. The results that you discover can be shared with friends.

If you want a good app for podcasts and others, then Podcast Addict is something you wouldn’t like to miss out on or be told about.

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Main Features of Podcast Addict

This service has some major features that would surely make you fall in love with the service. It is simple, free, and easy to use and organize. These features make the service outstanding and really fun to use.

All that you need is to install the app into your device for free and start enjoying it. Here are the main features of the service;

  • All the content: you will have free access to millions of podcasts, but also live radio, Audiobooks, YouTube channels, and others.
  • Cloud Backup: Sign in to your Google Drive account to have all your data automatically saved to the cloud.
  • Audio Effects: There are lots of audio effects customizable by podcasts such as Playback speed, skip silence, volume boost, mono audio, and others.
  • Download or Stream: you can set the app to automatically download your favorite podcasts or stream them if you want.
  • Highly Customizable: Almost everything can be customized and automated. As a user, you can even customize the behavior per podcast.
  • With this app right on your device, you can easily send your reviews.

The above are the main features of the app. You can learn more about the service on the Podcast Addict website.

Podcast Addict App

The application is compatible with any device Android devices. Also, it is free. There are so many you can do with the app downloaded and installed on your device.

You can get a Podcast Addict from Google Play Store for free.

How to Download Podcast Addict App

Podcast Addict being an Android app is free to download Google play store and is simple to do. To download the app, follow the guides below;

  • Launch the Google Play Store and type in Podcast Addict.
  • Tap on the first podcast app on the result to load its information page.
  • Then tap on “Install” to get it.

It will be installed immediately for your use.

Getting Started with Podcast Addict

Getting started with the service is easy and fast to do. You can find out more about getting started. The first thing to do once you have installed the app; you have to subscribe to podcasts. Press the + button in the main screen’s toolbar to do so.

Then it will open a new screen that will give you many possibilities to subscribe to podcasts. If the one you wish to subscribe to is not found, you can simply use the search box to discover podcasts.

Once you have subscribed to the podcasts or the services that you want on the platform, you can download or stream. As the name goes Podcast Addict, you would get addicted to the app.

The platform or service has its users’ interest in mind, and that means the company pays attention to their needs and desires. Due to that fact, the company provides the best of services to users and make good improvements for users.

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