PlayStation Network – PlayStation Plus And PlayStation Now

The PlayStation Network (PSN) is a service that deals with online gaming and media content distribution. It was created by the SONY Company to assist PlayStation 3 (PS3) game console.

PlayStation Network

The PSN service has been expanded over the years by the company. To support PlayStation 4, other SONY devices, and streaming of music and video content.

PlayStation Network

PlayStation Network is developed and operated by Sony Network Entertainment International (SNEI). And it is a better competition of the Xbox Live network.

If you are a PlayStation lover, then PSN must be a considerable topic you should know about. Other than playing games, music and video streaming are also part of the Sony services.

Haven’t heard about the PlayStation Network? Then here you get it. Make sure you carefully read this article to know more about the PSN service.

Using The PlayStation Network

There are devices to be accessed before you can be able to use the PSN. Here are the devices that users can reach the PSN service:

Accessing the PSN service also requires an online account setup process. There is both a paid subscription service, as well as a free service.

Members who subscribe to PSN provide their email address and a unique online user identifier. Setting up a PSN account allows users to join other multiplayer games and track their statistics online.

PlayStation Network Features

The PSN service includes a PlayStation Store that sells online games, music, and videos. Users can make purchases by using their credit cards or a PlayStation Network Card.

The PlayStation Network Card is not a network adapter. But it is basically just like a prepaid debit card.

PlayStation Plus And PlayStation Now

The PlayStation Plus is an extension platform of the PSN service. It offers more games and services to users paying an additional subscription fee. Here are the benefits a user gain from subscribing to the PlayStation Plus service:

  • User access to an online multiplayer game on PlayStation 4 (PS4).
  • Access to an online version of some selected list of full games (until the user is no longer subscribed to the PlayStation Plus service).
  • Availability of discount price on the PlayStation Store items.

While the PlayStation Now service streams online games right from the cloud. It follows its first public announcement at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show. The service was made to the public during 2014 and 2015.

PlayStation Music And Video

The PSN Music is supported in PS3, PS4, PS5, and other Sony devices. It is an audio streaming program that is accessed on those consoles via the Spotify platform.

On the other hand, PSN Video offers online rentals and purchases of digital movies, and also television programs.

PlayStation Network Errors and Issues

This service has suffered from few high-profile network outages over the years, including the ones caused by malicious attacks.

Users can access the network status online by visiting the URL Just like other internet-based game network services, intermittent connectivity challenges also affect users.

This yields the inability to sign in, and difficulty to search for other players online and laggy network.

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