Play The Walkabout Mini Golf on Oculus Quest 2 – About Walkabout Mini Golf

Some VR titles promise to offer the world and deliver a pittance, Others promise you a simple round of Mini-golf and offer you one of the best experiences that is available on the Oculus quest Store.

Play The Walkabout Mini Golf on Oculus Quest 2

Play The Walkabout Mini Golf on Oculus Quest 2

The Walkabout mini-Golf does not actually look like a lot coming from a humble store page, but the life-like gameplay, expertly created a hole, and its varied level design  culminates in a truly amazing experience. This happens to be one of the best Oculus Quest 2 games, and everyone that has a VR headset is required to Play it.

Just as the name would give you, Walkabout Mini Golf is a mini-golf simulator that is armed with a putter player that will tackle 18-hole courses across eight different levels (Plus additional DLC courses). You would be required to first head to an abandoned pirate cove but later head to outer space and brave a course that looks more like a graveyard-themed course.

About Walkabout Mini Golf

This title is not just some wild action-adventure though, you don’t have to keep at the back of your mind that you would be battling aliens and hordes of the undead. Walkabout Mini golf happens to offer a more relaxed gaming session where you would be encouraged to explore the levels and finish the entire course at the time that suits you.

Nit just that, your exploration would enable you to appreciate the beauty of each of the locations that you would be playing golf in. But you would be able to find more interesting hidden secrets and collectibles.

Each of the levels holds up to 18 unique lost balls to be discovered and added to your collection – One per hole – while the hard levels would offer you an engaging multi-stage treasure hunt that would unlock a unique golf club.

Even though the game comes with amazing locations and hidden secrets to be discovered, what brings out the fun in the game is the realistic golfing gameplay.

The realism of this game would not only impress you in this Virtual experience, but it would also ensure that the game feels fair; the only thing stopping you from that hole-in-one is your own ability and not a lacky control.

Walkabout Mini Golf Gameplay Difficulty

If you are interested in putting your skills to the test, you can choose to unlock and play the more difficult version of each course. Every hole in each course comes with some extra obstacles that you would need to beat. The night-time settings for these courses would offer them a more Unnerving Feeling that would test how great you are.

The game is not exactly perfect though. Walkabout mini-Gold is a little bit down by its lack of dedicated Pass and Play mode for the local multiplayer. However, mighty stated that this feature would be arriving soon. So for now, you would have to play across multiple headsets or as a workaround.


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