PLANEAIRE – PLANEAIRE Surface and Air Purifying Travel Mist


PLANEAIRE is a natural organic spray mist of essential oils that are selected for the killing of germs with the help of data and research, and other ingredients that are gotten from organic fruit.


The germs can be in your comfortable seat, even in your classroom, PLANEAIRE uses the power of nature to fight off any harmful germs that you encounter during your trip and your environment.

PLANEAIRE is a small business in Princeton NJ. The business is owned by a woman whose mission is to accept the roles to develop data and bring out good products that make a difference in our lives.

You can use it on any surface around you basically have been touched and it helps destroy the bacteria that someone else has left behind.


The PLANEAIRE has a lot of high-quality goods to offer online, and they are always last long for goods. They have a clean surface and Air mist, and many more. All the products undergo extensive laboratory testing, and it never tested on animals.

All their products are made in the US and the ingredient is a nice plant-based possible and well-used source.

It provides a scientifically proven for all the combat of germs on the surface that people have a touch to avoid harmful bacteria from affecting you, Said Deborah.

To be free from germs, hotels need the goods, and also solutions for travelers who want to stay comfortable and secured need PLANEAIRE.

How do I (to) Use PLANEAIRE?

The PLANEAIRE is very easy to use. Before using, you will have to shake it very well, and then you will spray it. It is very necessary because it helps mix up the bottle of essential oil together right before you use it.

One spray does the trick and can go a long way because of its potency, and it has to be sprayed directly on the surface you encounter, as well as in the air, you can use tissues if you need to wipe with it.

 Does PLANEAIRE Products Work?

A lot of people ask if PLANEAIRE work. The answer is yes, it very active and scientists have observed that mixtures of essential oils or their active components may be more effective than pure oils.

The chosen after undergoing 11 different formulations and it has been proven to be highly effective in killing 99.99% bacteria on surfaces. So it is very active.

It works very well and it will prevent germs from coming to your home surface.


PLANEAIRE products are made with pants based that are nature with essential oil.

The following are some of the products:

PLANEAIRE Clean and Wipe

These products are made in the US, there are no alcohols and they freshen and deodorize the air. They are also tested in the laboratory and proven to leave the surface hygienically clean and they are not tested on animals.


Hand sanitizer has been proven to kill 99.99% of most common germs, with scents and fragrances which are naturally derived and it was made in the US.

The PLANEAIRE hands have a 10% naturally derived alcohol that was made with essential oils.

Some other products include

  • PLANEAIRE Hands lemon carrot
  • PLANEARIE Hands cardamom lavender and many more

Where to Buy PLANEAIRE Travel Mist

The PLANEARIE travel mist is a mist spray to kill germs. It was previously available on Amazon. But presently it can only be begotten from the PLANEAIRE websites.


PLSNEAIRE is on Facebook. You can get reviews from Facebook and their name is PLANEAIRE with their motto: Health and Beauty. You can shop on websites, send messages, and see more of its products on Facebook that ratings and reviews a lot of comments on our products.

They also have reviews on Instagram and you can shop with us online, you can read reviews on Facebook to see what people are saying about the PLANEARIE products

PLANEAIRE Surface and Air Purifying Travel Mist

The ingredient for PLANEAIRE came from nature, results are also proven by science. PLANEAIRE surface and Air Purifying Travel Mist is a systematic travel mist in the natural line of fighting from countless germs in the airplanes and also on surfaces. It occurs everywhere you travel.

The product is created for those people who care highly for their health, who do not want to breathe in harmful chemicals, alcohols, or bleach.

It can be sprayed on every surface, your travel bags. Diaper bag every day. To learn more you can also visit our website and also you can follow us on social media Facebook and Instagram.

PLANEAIRE Face Cleaning Wipes For Kids

There are some products your kids will love and they smell very nice. These are the products which are YIPES Hand and face cleaning wipes.

The way nutrient food is good for our kids so faces cleaning wipes are good for their health. It is good you get the face wipe and hand clean for your kids because it gently and effectively removes dirt.

The face wipe is made with 99% plant-derived ingredients, which make it harmless for your kids. A lot of kids have testified about the scent and how it is clean neat and very comfortable to be used.

People who Should not Use PLANEAIRE

The product should be kept away from children. Some essential oils are not recommended to be used by pregnant women.

It is not advisable to touch your eyes or mouth after using its product.


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