CGMA – The Designation of CGMA

CGMA known as the abbreviated form of Chartered Global Management Accountant, this as a whole is management account designation that is widely held in the world with over 137,000 designees.


The establishment of this platform occurred in 2012 by both the CIMA and AICPA so as to recognize a special association of management accountants who have aimed and reached their aim of being in the climax benchmark of competence and quality.

The designation of CGMA is however built on extensive global research so as to enable the maintenance of the highest relevance with employers and make this development of competency in most demand.

The CGMA designation holder’s qualifications are done through education that is rigorous, experience requirement, and exam. However, in this article, a lot more about the Chartered Global Management Accountant will be explained extensively.

Therefore, if you are in dark about what the Chartered Global Management Accountant entails all about, it is very easy, you just have to pay rapt attention to this article as its main essence is to shed light on it, or as said earlier, will be explained extensively.

The Designation of CGMA

The Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) is a globally made designation for management accountants, thus, being powered by both the expertise and resources of the American Institute of CPAs also known as AICPA, and also the CIMA in which both are the globally leading accounting organizations.

The moment you become a CIMA member,  the qualification for the designation is automatically made by you, and therefore, you are liable or able to use the letters CGMA after writing your name.

This Chartered Global Management Accountant designation runs through the world reach of one’s recognition as a CMA or Chartered Global Accountant.

Thus, in this section of the article will be given the CGMA destination features, therefore, it will be stated below.

They are;

  • Recognition of your skills and experience globally: By making the CGMA designation at your reach, there will be an addition of power to your CV/resume thereby the demonstration of your business acumen, commitment, and ethics is done.
  • Makes you Connected to a Community of Like-Minded People: The moment you become part of a world community of professional management accountants, you are open to sharing best practices, creation of innovation is possible and you are also better prepared to encounter world challenges in the present environment of business.
  • Your Value is made Showcased Globally: Every second, minute, hour, and the day we work globally with main employers and influencers, make an increase in the awareness of the platform’s designation.
  • The Tools to Succeed are at your Disposal: Webinars, reports, research, and tools of the Chartered Global Management will make your thinking challenged and makes you kept at the forefront of your profession, thereby a competitive climax is given to you. However, the resources are only exclusive to the designation holders of the Chartered Global Management Accountant.

Thus, haven explained what the CGMA entails, you should make the choice of joining this good and benefiting organization.


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