Plagiarism Checker: List of Plagiarism Checkers with their Pros and Cons

A Plagiarism checker is used by students, marketers, and text writers to prevent coming into contact with a piece of writing that has been written by somebody else and presented as being an original work.

In this article, we are going to focus on the importance of using a plagiarism checker, the kinds of checkers that can be used to get good results, and some other information you will need to know about plagiarism checkers.

Plagiarism Checker

There are Plagiarism checkers that you will need to pay before using and some are absolutely free, but the disadvantage is that free plagiarism checkers do not detect as much as the Plagiarism checkers which require payment do.

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You will be offered a free trial for a period of time at the end of which you will have to pay. One of the best plagiarism checkers that detect plagiarism very effectively is the Scribbr Plagiarism checker but it is not free.

Plagiarism Checker: Is it advisable to use a Free Plagiarism Checker?

It is not advisable to use free plagiarism checkers all the time, there are few situations when you can use a free plagiarism checker, you can make use of a plagiarism checker when:

  • You are checking for texts that are not much (maximum of one page)
  • You intend to run a test on it before you purchase the premium version.

Also, the use of free plagiarism checkers have some disadvantages, some of these demerits are listed below:

  • They do not detect all plagiarism
  • They have limits to their usage.
  • The free plagiarism check saves, publishes or sells your work.
  • They have a lot of advertisements.
  • There is no support for customers.

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List of Plagiarism Checkers with their Pros and Cons

Below is a list of some plagiarism checkers with their pros and cons.

  • Quetext: This Plagiarism checker is safe, accurate and easy to use. It has three free checkups which are up to 500 words and a monthly subscription of $9.99 will need after the free trial. It has a built-in citation feature, straightforward plagiarism report and your document won’t be saved up in its database.
  • EasyBib: This Plagiarism checker is easy and accurate but your documents will be saved to the database. It has a 3-dag trial period and a credit will be requested before you can start the trial. It is combined with a spelling check tool and also has a built-in citation tool.
  • Copyleaks: This is easy and accurate but your documents will be saved up in the database. It has a simple plagiarism report and only 2,500 words per month for free.
  • Small SEO Tools: This Plagiarism checker is safe, accurate, and easy to use but a lot of plagiarism stays undetected. It has a word limit of 1000 words with different views in the plagiarism report.
  • Grammarly: The Grammarly plagiarism checker is also safe, accurate, and easy to use. A disadvantage is that it does not detect a lot of plagiarism and the paid version is quite expensive. It has a sleek design and it is also has the spelling and grammar checker tool.
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