Orthodox Easter This Year – Why Orthodox Easter is Different | How Orthodox Easter is Calculated

Orthodox Easter This Year which is otherwise called Pascha and Resurrection day is basically the oldest and one of the most important festivals in the Eastern Christian tradition which mainly celebrates Jesus Christ Resurrection as a result of his crucifixion and death.

Orthodox Easter 2021

In recent years, orthodox dates mainly differ from the date of Easter in western Christianity and it is always a week but occasionally four or five weeks later. Nevertheless, in some years’s the orthodox Easter and the western Easter coincides and falls on the same day.

Orthodox Easter This Year

The western Easter date is based on the Gregorian calendar which may fall between March 22 to April 25 and the eastern orthodox tradition bases in the Julian calendar which are 13 days apart from each other and they both agree that Easter should be celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox, but always after Passover.

We would be giving a more comprehensive and explanatory analysis of what Orthodox Easter is all about as we proceed in this article.

Why is Orthodox Easter So Late In 2021?

Orthodox Easter basically falls so late in the year due to the fact that Orthodox Easter uses the Julian calendar and the latter uses the Gregorian calendar.

What is the Difference Between Orthodox Easter and Easter?

The main difference between orthodox Easter and Easter is that the Orthodox Easter falls anywhere between April 4 and May 8 and the Catholic Easter falls anywhere between March 22 and April 25

Why Orthodox Easter is Different

The orthodox Easter is quite different because eastern Christianity recognizes a different date for Easter because they follow the Julian Calendar, but western Christianity follows the Gregorian calendar which is widely used by most countries today.

Who Celebrates Orthodox Easter?

Orthodox Easter and Easter Sunday are Christian festivals where believers celebrate the death resurrection of Jesus, it is one of the most important festivals in the Christian Calendar.

What Orthodox Do on Easter

The Easter celebration in orthodox Christian societies is always an inclusion of a spit roast lamb dinner and a display of hard-boiled eggs which is dyed red for the symbolization of the blood of Christ, the egg is an important symbol in the mythologies of many early civilizations and was also connected with the springtime fertility rituals.

What Does Orthodox Eat on Easter

Easter meal for orthodox society constitute of red-dyed eggs and margaritas’, a soup of organ meats, lettuce, dill, scallions and egg-lemon liaison which is eaten right after midnight on Saturday and it is the meal that breaks the fast and on Easter Sunday, lamb or goat is the meat of choice.

How Orthodox Easter is Calculated

Most times the Orthodox Easter follows Western Easter with one week or more. In order to calculate the orthodox Easter Sunday date, then we have to first find the Julian Easter Sunday date, then we just add the number of days that we have skipped in the Gregorian calendar.

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