Oppenheimer on Blu-Ray And 4K Ultra HD Just Hit a Record-Low Price

Oppenheimer on Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD just hit a record-low price. The latest blockbuster from Christopher Nolan is now back in stock at Amazon for a record-low price.

Oppenheimer on Blu-Ray And 4K Ultra HD

Oppenheimer on Blu-Ray And 4K Ultra HD

Over Black Friday weekend, I reportedly highlighted a couple of deals on physical copies of the two biggest movies of the year 2023, which are Oppenheimer and Barbie. And at the time, however, Blu-ray copies of the former film had just completely sold out at Amazon in the United States, while the price of the 4K Ultra HD edition on the other hand was holding fast at $50.

Both Versions of Oppenheimer Are Now Back In Stock at Amazon

Right at this moment, though, both versions of Oppenheimer are back in stock at retailer Amazon, and with that, know that they are even cheaper than ever, too. Oppenheimer Specifically, on Blu-ray is at the moment just $24.96 (which is reportedly down from $39.98), while Oppenheimer on 4K Ultra HD on the other hand is a record-low $29.96 (which is down from $49.98).

And as usual, Amazon reportedly will bundle a digital version of the film with whichever option you opt for, so you will now be able to stream Oppenheimer on-the-go, as well as physically through one of the best 4K Blu-ray players out there.

The Difference between Oppenheimer on Blu-Ray and Oppenheimer on 4K Ultra HD

So, what is now the difference between Oppenheimer on Blu-ray and Oppenheimer on 4K Ultra HD? Well, you should know that both formats are great, but the 4K Ultra HD discs in question offer a higher maximum resolution (3840 x 2160) than standard Blu-ray discs (1920 x 1080), plus HDR support as well as a higher overall amount of data in the digital recreation, so you will be getting greater clarity as well as more detail.



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