Online College Enrollment – Meaning, Who Should Apply

Online college enrolment – Open enrollment is a platform that allows students without strong academic backgrounds to gain admission into institutions like community colleges and some four-year colleges. This is to cover for the student that cannot make it into such institutions with, their strict admission requirements.

Online College Enrollment

The platform provides students that do not really have strong academic backgrounds a better chance to education, widening the pool of potential schools and programs available to degree-seekers.

Online College Enrollment

This article provides information on how the platform works and states the best online colleges offering open enrollment. It will also cover other very important information for prospective students, including answers to some questions these students may ask.

The online colleges featured in open enrollment offer a variety of flexible start date options including multiple start dates all year, individual courses that can start anytime, and online degree programs that can be completed on your own schedule. Some schools listed in this may offer a combination of these options.

What Is Open Enrollment?

A lot of online colleges use open enrollment instead of more selective or competitive processes.

Open Enrollment was first implemented in the 1970s to reduce discrimination, it increases educational access by removing some restrictive measures that might limit some learners from going to school.

Open enrollment is mostly offered by community colleges and some other two-year institutions.

In practice, open enrollment simply means eliminating most of the admission criteria for certain institutions. These requirements include standardized test scores and minimum GPA requirements. Most online colleges with open enrollment require only a high school diploma or GED for admission.

Who Should Apply Through Open Enrolment?

Students whose academic backgrounds are low or those who otherwise do not have access to higher education benefit the most from open enrollment.

Like schools with more strict admission criteria, open enrollment colleges and universities provide a solid pathway for students to advance their careers and go on to pursue further study.

Can I Start Online College Anytime?

Prospective learners may wonder when classes actually start. Most online colleges offer flexible start dates, but they use a clear scheduling structure. A lot of online schools use a traditional semester system, while others use quarter or trimester terms.

The semester system mostly consists of two 15-16-week terms in the fall and spring. Quarter systems normally use four 10-week terms in the fall, winter, spring, and summer, while the trimester system comprises three 12-13-week terms in the fall, winter, and spring.

Learners can start taking online courses at the beginning of any term. However, some schools require students to start in the fall, while others offer specific monthly start dates. There are also self-paced online colleges, where students access and complete materials entirely at their own pace or schedule, these are relatively rare.


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