10 Old Christmas Movies to Watch this December

Christmas is fast approaching and the best way to spend Christmas eve is by watching amazing movies that blend with the evening. Are you a movie lover and you are probably looking for the latest Christmas movie to watch and have found none?

10 Old Christmas Movies to Watch this December
10 Old Christmas Movies to Watch this December

We think the problem is that you have movies but have failed to see how interesting they would be. Probably because you think it’s old. However, you must know that most old movies are very interesting and make you always come back for more. On this note, we will be giving you a list of 10 old Christmas movies to watch this December.

10 Old Christmas Movies to Watch this December

If you do not plan to give out this Christmas, then you don’t have to worry about being lonely on that. As you can keep yourself busy with interesting old movies for the eve. This article contains a list of 10 old Christmas movies to watch this December. You can check them out below:

Noelle – 2019

This is a destiny movie that gives a story about a girl called Noelle who always comes to the rescue when her brother Nick gets cold feet about taking over the family business. Well, this happens to be the business of being Santa.  On the other hand, Chaos ensures when Nick does not return from a break, Noelle goes out to save the day.

Remember the Night – 1940

Well, as old as this movie is, it is one of the most interesting movies that has ever been. In this movie, Barbar Stanwyck’s character gets arrested for shoplifting right before Christmas in this rom-com. The movie left most people in suspense and the revelation become amazing. Hence, if you really when to make your Christmas eve interesting, then you won’t want to miss out on this one.

Holiday Rush – 2019

In this movie, a widowed radio DJ is fired from his job just before Christmas. However, he and his four children, after being forced to move in with his aunt, later discover the true meaning of the season and they adjust to a new lifestyle.

Home Alone – 1990

This is a Disney movie that talks about a boy who has to defend his home from burglars after his parents forgot to bring him along for their family vacation. This movie has been over 30 years and it’s the most sought movie by many people. If you really want to laugh on Christmas eve, then, you should get this movie.

A Snow Globe Christmas – 2014  

This is a Christmas movie that talks about when a tv executive is magically transported into a snow globe and discovers the life she always wished for. This movie will make your day and your Christmas.

Scrooge – 1951

Over time, most people have come across different types of movies and also found Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol interesting. But Scrooge which was resealed in 1951 was counted as the best of all time. It is considered to be the best version according to the New York Time Flim critic A.O. Scott.

Ernest Save Christmas – 1988

The movie is all about how Santa Claus goes on the hunt for his successor and kooky but lovable Earnest was there to help save the day. Ernest saves Christmas is a comic storyline that tells a lot about Christmas.

Happiest Season – 2020

Abby and Harper are heading home to Harper’s family home for the holiday and Abby is planning on proposing until she realizes that Harper has not been honest with her family about their relationship. With this little storyline and another review not presented here, we can tell you that the movie will make you laugh, cry and realize the best gift is being yourself.

A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas – 2011

Well, if you are looking for something to watch after your little ones have gone to bed, then you should consider “Harold and Kumar Christmas”. This is an interesting comedy movie that is rated PG. You can spend your Christmas eve watching this movie.

A Christmas Prince – 2017

This movie was so popular on Netflix and still remains in the heart of most people. The Christmas romantic comedy is set in the beautiful fantasy land of Aldovia. There, a young American journalist, Amber Moore, needs to prove that price Richard is the rightful heir to the throne. While that was on, she fell in with the prince.


With this list, you can never go wrong with old movies. So, it is important you take advantage of this given list in making your Christmas a memorable one. Well, you can help yourself out with the list and thank us later. Season greetings to you all!



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