OIST Internship 2023 in Japan Fully Funded – Apply Now!

The OIST Internship in Japan 2023 is a golden opportunity to carry out research in the world’s most advanced laboratories. The OIST Internship is Considered the best internship in Asia, offering students the opportunities to learn technical skills and contribute to the research activities of the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology.OIST Internship 2023 in Japan

OIST Internship 2023 in Japan

OIST research internship inculcates boldness and confidence with specific techniques in the internees by giving them the opportunity to continue their research under the supervision of the world’s top supervisors.

This is a fully-funded internship in Japan, it’s also a pathway towards a brighter future for student participants.

About OIST internship

OIST internship is open to national and international students who are pursuing their research in any of the related fields. Additionally, the OIST faculty is responsible for assigning the appropriate research work to the interns which may be related to the projects.

Details of OIST Internship in Japan 2023

  • Host Country: Japan
  • Institute: OIST Graduate School
  • Internship Duration: 2-6 months
  • Internship Dates: April 1st 2023- September 30th 2023

OIST Internship Research Areas

  • Nonlinear and Non-equilibrium Physics
  • Quantum Systems
  • Evolutionary Genomics
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Femtosecond Spectroscopy
  • Computational Neuroscience
  • Neural Computation
  • Biodiversity and Biocomplexity
  • Electronic and Quantum Magnetism
  • Mathematics, Mechanics, and Materials
  • Embodied Cognitive Science Unit
  • Neural Coding and Brain Computing Unit
  • Sensory and Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Continuum Physics
  • Igor Goryanin  Biological Systems
  • Theoretical Physics
  • Immune Signalling
  • Organic Optoelectronics
  • Coordination Chemistry and Catalysis
  • Membranology Unit
  • Quantum Dynamics
  • Membrane Cooperativity
  •  Neuroimaging
  • Protein Engineering and Evolution
  • Genomics and Regulatory Systems Unit
  • Information Processing Biology
  • Developmental Neurobiology
  • Ecology and Evolution
  • Physics and Biology
  • Marine Biophysics
  • Quantum Gravity
  • Light-Matter Interactions for Quantum Technologies
  • Quantum Materials Science
  • Biological Complexity
  • Numerical simulations of laminar and turbulent complex flow.
  • Marine Climate Change
  • Plant Epigenetics
  • Theory of Quantum Matter
  • Micro/Bio/Nanofluidics
  • Quantum Wave Microscopy
  • Cellular Biology
  • Nonlinear Analysis Unit
  • Representation Theory and Algebraic Combinatorics Unit
  • Biological Physics Theory
  • Experimental Quantum Information Physics
  • Cellular and Molecular Synaptic Function
  • Chemistry and Chemical Bioengineering
  • Memory Research Unit
  • Cognitive Neurorobotics
  • Shocks, Solitons, and Turbulence Unit
  • Gravity, Quantum Geometry and Field Theory
  • Human Developmental Neurobiology
  • Neuronal Rhythms in Movement
  • Evolutionary Neurobiology Unit
  • Neurobiology Research
  • Molecular Cryo-Electron Microscopy
  • Cell Signalling
  • G0 Cell Unit
  • Neuronal Mechanisms for the Critical Period
  • Nucleic Acid Chemistry and Engineering
  • Bioinspired Soft Matter
  • Integrative Community Ecology Unit

Benefits of Enrollment for the OIST Internship in Japan 2023

  • The internship will provide with daily allowance of 2400 JPY, the weekends will be excluded and the allowance will be taxable.
  • Interns will also receive a free OIST shuttle bus pass.
  • Full coverage for round trip air ticket will be provided.
  • Benefits of a Fully furnished apartments on or off the campus.
  • Interns will benefit from OIST assistance in vis acquisitions, insurance procedures, and local registration.

Criteria of the OIST Internship Program 2023

  • Any student who is in the final two years of Bachelor’s or master’s program in Japan or overseas is Eligible to apply
  • Recently graduated Students can
  • Those who are currently enrolled must have approval for the OIST internship from their home institution.
  • Applicant’s academic background is expected to be in accordance with the desired internship unit at OIST.

Application Process for OIST Internship in Japan in 2023

  • Interested and Eligible Applicants has to log in and create an online profile in order to apply.
  • To Successfully complete the application, at least one recommendation letter must have reached OIST by your referee.
  • After Submitting the letter, you will receive a notification and then you can apply successfully by submitting your application.
  • Visit the official application webpage at: https://admissions.oist.jp/apply-research-internship to apply

Required Documents for OIST Internships 2023

  • Curriculum Vitae Sheet
  • Personal Statement (400 words)
  • An Academic Transcripts (In English translation, if required)
  • Recommendation Letter
  • ID Photo

Application Deadline:

The OIST Internship Round 2 deadline is October 15th, 2022, 23:59 (JST UTC+9)



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