Nvidia RTX 4090 Graphics Cards Power Demands Are Really High

Nvidia RTX 4090 graphics cards power demands are really high. The higher-end RTX 4090 cards can require up to 1200W power supply units.

Nvidia RTX 4090 Graphics Cards Power Demands Are Really High

Nvidia RTX 4090 Graphics Cards Power Demands Are Really High

New reports claim that the RTX 4090 graphics cards by Nvidia are a power-hungry best. That’s a given considering but we however were not expecting to see some of the figures third-party manufacturers are recommending for the wattage of the power supply (PSU) that is necessary for this GPU.

In most cases, we are looking at a recommendation of 1000W and one company in question has even pushed that ask to 1200W, no less, which is a required wattage that is really unthinkable not too long ago. You should however note that this is the wattage of the PSU and not the card usage.

The Official Recommendation from Nvidia Is an 850W Power Supply Unit (PSU)

In other news, you may be aware that the official recommendation from Nvidia is an 850W power supply unit (PSU) and this is the level in deed that some third-party graphics card manufacturers are sticking to with many of their RTX 4090 boards even away from entry-level versions.

Just as pointed out by Tom’s Hardware, that includes MSI with the RTX 4090 Suprim X, PNY Verto Epic-X, Galax (SG, ST), and Inno3D – X3 OC iChill Black. All these cards have a requirement of 850W.

Graphics Cards Stipulating A 1000W Power Supply Unit (PSU)

There are the graphics cards on the other hand which are stipulating a 1000W power supply unit (PSU) which also could be models from Asus (ROG Strix OC), Gigabyte (Aorus Master), and Zotac (AMP Extreme, Trinity).

Finally, there is Palit which advises the buyers of its GameRoc OC version of the RTX 4090 to have a 1200W worth of power supply.

All of these cards mentioned are the top-end stuff from the respective makers just as Tom’s points out. That being said, these will be the most sorted-after graphics cards in the market when they finally come out in the coming week.


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