Nvidia Reigns Supreme in Discrete GPUs

Nvidia reigns supreme in discrete GPUs, but one question we need to ask ourselves here is this – is this bad news for customers? Could this signal being sent be a worrying one to Team Green that the pricing for the graphics cards is just fine as it is?

Nvidia Reigns Supreme in Discrete GPUs

Nvidia Reigns Supreme in Discrete GPUs

Nvidia at the moment has never had a firmer grip on the GPU market, taking a look at the new figures that are representing the battle for discrete graphics cards from a popular analyst company.

You may be familiar with Jon Peddie Research (JPR). Well, the latest report from the company on the GPU front for Q3 2022 emerged this week, revealing a huge drop in sales just as we reported at the time. But at the moment, we have got a complete range of figures revealing the state of the discrete and standalone GPU market, and the supreme dominance of Nvidia is overwhelming.

Wccftech Highlighted the Breakdown of Discrete GPU Share by JPR

Wccftech however highlighted the breakdown of discrete GPU share by JPR which shows Nvidia with a strong lead having secured 88% of the market in Q3 as compared to the measly 8% of AMD. The remaining 4% is held by Intel.

The general picture is kind of gloomy as you might have expected with discrete GPU sales dropping to just 14 million units in Q3, and for comparison, in the same quarter in the previous year, 2021, quite a savage decline, particularly when Q3 is usually a stronger quarter with the holiday season and back to school sales coming into view.


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