NVIDIA GeForce Can Now Stream Games on Steam to Xbox Consoles – NVIDIA’s Cloud-Based Gaming

NVIDIA GeForce Can Now Stream Games on Steam to Xbox Consoles. Currently, there are quite a few interesting streaming services now available, and they so happen to be competing with the two major fronts. They always try to outdo each other in the number of games that they are able to stream and the number of devices that they are able to stream their games too.

NVIDIA GeForce Can Now Stream Games on Steam to Xbox Consoles

Nvidia’s GeForce Now possesses the advantage of being right in beta even before Google Stadia started and had been able to expand to more than one device than any of its rivals have done so far. Their latest trick is offering support for Microsoft Edge, which happens to open the doors to its arrival on Xbox that was not made official.

NVIDIA GeForce Can Now Stream Games on Steam to Xbox Consoles

Being able to play games on any platform and anywhere is a major dream for gamers, but almost all solutions that are made available today would come with their very own compromises. Direct mobile gaming would naturally exclude a lot of PC and console titles, while the game streaming services tend to be in favor of one gaming platform over the other. While GeForce Now is tied squarely to PC games, its availability on any of the computing devices makes up just for that.

NVIDIA’s Cloud-Based Gaming

NVIDIA’s cloud-based gaming service has always been made available on browsers, and it includes Apple’s Safari, and it has recently included Microsoft Edge to that particular list. More than just catering to windows users who so happen to prefer that browser, also it means that GeForce Now also indirectly included the Xbox consoles to their supported list of devices.

Tom Warren from the verge gave details on how it was relatively trivial to get GeForce Now running on Microsoft’s console, which practically means gaining access to steam PC games that are available on Xbox. If the idea did not actually blow your mind, then the tech journalist notes that you even can make use of your Keyboard and Mouse to Play those games because Edge on Xbox offers support to all those input methods also.


Of course, there are tons of ways that you would be able to run PC games directly from the Xbox, but those usually require you to be in possession of a PC on that same network to be able to stream from. This expansion to GeForce Now takes out the need for the console gamers to worry about PC specs in other to accomplish just that, though they would be required to keep in mind the speed of their internet. The feature currently is still in beta, though and it requires you to possess the latest version of Microsoft Edge for Xbox.


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