Nintendo Switch Indie World Showcase – How to Watch Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase 2021

Nintendo Switch Indie World Showcase is one interesting show that a Nintendo fan would not want to miss out on. Nintendo recently announced the interesting new Indie World Showcase that is expected to show off a slate of indie games that heading to switch. This show would likely offer us the updates available on indie games for the very first time. There are tons of ways to tune right in, and we have got them listed right for you here in this content.

Nintendo Switch Indie World Showcase

Nintendo Switch Indie World Showcase

The next Indie World Showcase would be taking place at 9 AM PDT/12 PM EDT, which is just around 40 minutes from the time that this writing was done. The simplest way to catch it is by watching the YouTube live stream that we’ve embedded below when the time arrives. Nintendo would begin the streaming of Indie World Showcase right on its Twitch channel, so Twitch fans to head right over there just to watch it.

How to Watch Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase 2021

Nintendo stated that the Showcase is expected to last for around 20 minutes. So, this is quite shorter than some of the Nintendo Directs and Indie World Showcases that we have seen in the past. Well, as we stated yesterday, Nintendo plans to make some rapid-fire announcements during these shows, so knowing the running time right before it premieres does not exactly present us with an entirely complete picture of what is in store.

It is also worth reminding any especially eager fans of Nintendo that we would be seeing fans that we’re not going to see appearances coming from any of Nintendo’s major franchises here. Instead, these showcases are strictly about the indie gaming scene right on the Switch, so don’t expect any surprise announcements concerning Nintendo’s own properties. Nintendo Switch Indie World Showcase.


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